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Title: Night Aberrations
Author: JD Nelson
Series: Night Aberrations Series
Genre: Adult Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
Published: September 27th 2012

Emelie is betrothed to marry a king.

Any ordinary woman would consider it a fairytale come true.

For Emelie, this is a nightmare made manifest.

When Emelie Andersdotter learns the outcome of a decades-long war hinges on her arranged marriage to an infamous royal known for his dark reputation, she sees no choice but to accept her fate. Resigned to her unavoidable destiny, she travels to her parents’ ancestral home under the protection of a trusted family friend, where she prepares to navigate a world ruled by dark magic, mystery, and intrigue.

Nothing can prepare her, however, for the surprising affection she feels for the man she has always thought of as her uncle, Soren Vidar - or for the alluring reality of her intended mate, Kristian Vasen. Powerful and darkly handsome, her betrothed is far from the nightmare she envisioned, and Emelie finds herself torn between the intense pull she feels for her fated mate, and her heart’s desire for Soren.

Night Aberrations is a romantic tale, set in a complex world, populated with interesting and entertaining characters sure to leave you cheering for the heroes while casting reproachful glares at the villains.

**Mature 18+ for explicit adult situations.**
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We went inside after the fire started to die down and challenged Nils and Cedric to a game of billiards, boys against girls.
I thought that this would be a good way to keep Nils at bay, but in typical Nils’s fashion he tried to show me the correct position for every shot I took by standing behind me and positioning my hands.
Katrine, amused by this, eventually asked if he was planning to hump me right on the table.
I blushed at her comment, but almost melted into the floor when he answered her, “If Emelie was game, I would do anything and everything to her on this table, under the table, against the table...”
I scooted out from under him and sat next to Katrine. “Okay, okay, that’s enough of that.”
Nils barked out a laugh and racked up the balls for the next game.
Katrine nudged me and whispered in my ear. “He is very beautiful, is he not?”
“Who? Cedric?” “Although he is scrumptious, I meant Nils.” She said with a growl in her voice.
“Yes, he is. They all are, really; Viggo and Jakob in their tall, dark, and delicious way, Nils in his rugged Viking warrior way, and Soren in his…” I trailed off thinking how to best describe Soren’s beauty. “Being with Soren is like being immersed in the winter’s night.”
“That’s a very poetic description, Emelie; some might say romantic.”
She arched her brow.

“I know what I’m here to do, Katrine. I just wish the circumstances were different. I really like Soren and I’d like to experience love just once before becoming my people’s Savior.”

JD Nelson is a scenic artist for the entertainment industry, the author of the Night Aberrations Series, the Wicked Ways Series, and the owner of Chaste Moon Publishing.

When she's not spending time with her husband, you can find her writing, reading, or on her commute to work.

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