About Me

My name is Naomi. I live in Australia. I’m a wife and a mother of three young kids.

I started reading books after I watched Twilight-Eclipse at the movies. I desperately wanted to know what was going to happen in Breaking Dawn and the only way to do so was to read the book! Since then, there is hardly a day that I don't have a book in my hand! I have branched from the paranormal/fantasy books and into the world of contemporary romance.

I was ringing my sister constantly discussing books with her. Then I thought it would be fun to write my thoughts down and share them with others. I visited other blogs and won prizes from authors and bloggers and thought I’d like to join the fun. So I asked my sister to help me create this blog because she’s more computer savvy than me! (You can find her at Outstanding Website Design.) 

Recently, I have enjoyed doing Beta reading for authors and have now completed a course that has helped develop my skills. I have a keen eye for detail and look forward to using my skills on projects in the future.

Feel free to contact me! I am most active on Facebook, Twitter or by Email