Review ~ Restraint by Adriana Locke

Restraint (Mason Family, #1)Restraint by Adriana Locke
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was excited to read Restraint and get to know Blaire and Holt, and I found it to be a good read. It was a whirl wind romance that grew over a week long period. Blaire and Holt were both strong willed and work orientated people who didn’t really have time to date, or fall into a relationship. However, the chemistry between these two was strong right from the start. It was quite a sweet read, I enjoyed meeting the secondary characters and the effect they had on their lives, especially the relationship between Sienna and Blaire. I will be definitely reading more stories from this world!
Title: Restraint
Author: Adriana Locke
Series: Mason Family #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: August 3, 2020

Blaire Gibson knows better than to have one-night stands.

She prides herself on her decision-making skills. It’s the one asset that has never let her down. But even the best thinkers have weaknesses. Hers is a delicious business mogul with a quick tongue.
Unfortunately for her, that tongue is good for more than just talking.

Holt Mason doesn’t need to justify anything to anyone.

He wants Blaire. He pursues Blaire. And he gets Blaire because that’s how his life works. Until it doesn’t.
What begins as a single night in a hotel room spirals into an unusual agreement. As late nights provide the space to trade secrets and walls come tumbling down, more is shared than just pillow talk.

They both should’ve known better. They should’ve shown restraint. Because when guards are dropped, hearts get shattered.

A one-night stand turns into something more in this heart-filled, steamy romance from USA Today bestselling author Adriana Locke.

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Review ~ Arrogant Boss by Olivia Hayle

Arrogant BossArrogant Boss by Olivia Hayle
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Arrogant Boss was the first book that I have read by Olivia Hayle, and I found it to be an an ok read. Emily and Julian were attracted to one another early and took time to act on their feelings. Emily was reserved about her relationship with Julian, due to working for his business. Julian wanted no secrets and it took time for them to get on the same page. The romance was sweet and I liked the secondary characters as well. A shame it didn’t blow me away liked I hope but I enjoyed being in the world. I will definitely try another read by Olivia Hayle again.

Title: Arrogant Boss
Author: Olivia Hayle
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: June 17, 2019

Julian Hunt is a legend. A tech billionaire and a playboy philanthropist.

He’s not someone you meet, not without a six-month wait. Except I did—and not in that sweet, meet-cute kind of way. I wish.

No, I manage to run head-first into Julian Hunt in a nightclub. It’s the spill-my-drink-over-his-suit kind of headfirst, the break-my-heel kind.

But the arrogant bastard doesn’t leave. No, he carries me to my car. He implies that I fell on purpose to catch his attention—how dare he!—and after I’ve chewed him out, he asks for my number.

I don’t expect to see him again. After all, lightning doesn’t strike twice. Except it does, when Julian’s involved. Because when I walk into a business negotiation the next day, who’s sitting on the other side?

Julian Hunt.

He’s wearing a smirk and a perfectly tailored suit, and he’s not there to play. He dominates. I walk out of the negotiation having—somehow!—been offered my dream job. It's an offer far too sweet to refuse.

But if there’s one thing more intimidating than Julian Hunt at a nightclub, it’s Julian Hunt as a boss. A persistent, dominant, sexy-as-hell boss.

He might have decided that we’d be perfect together, but I won’t be tempted by his broad shoulders and wicked tongue.

Julian might be a hunter.

But I refuse to become prey.

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Review ~ The Worst Guy by Kate Canterbary

The Worst GuyThe Worst Guy by Kate Canterbary
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 Stars

This was quite the amusing read right from the beginning as I watched the banter between Sebastian and Sara! They really didn't like one another and found themselves in counseling!! But it was soon obvious that the chemistry was brewing and it wasn't long before things were hot and steamy between these two. I enjoyed how the story unfolded and how deep they fell for one another despite trying to keep things light. Their attitudes changed and it was nice to see the arrogant Sebastian fall for the perfect Sara. They were such a sweet couple when they gave into their feelings!

Title: The Worst Guy
Author: Kate Canterbary
Series: Vital Signs #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: December 28, 2021

Eight weeks of forced proximity is a long time to hate someone you’re trying not to love.

Sebastian Stremmel doesn’t need another headache. He has enough of his own without Sara Shapiro, the noisy new reconstructive surgeon, stomping all around his surgical wing with her chippy, chirpy cheerfulness.

But Sebastian doesn’t usually get what he wants.

No one gets under his skin like Sara - so much so a heated “debate” and an exam room left in shambles later, they land themselves in eight weeks of hospital-mandated conflict resolution counseling. Now they’re forced to fight fair…which quickly leads them to playing dirty when no one’s looking.

They know it’s a mistake.

They promise themselves it will never happen again.

They swear they got it out of their systems.

They didn’t.

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Review ~ Empire of Sin by Rina Kent

Empire of Sin (Empire, #2)Empire of Sin by Rina Kent
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Anastasia and Knox had a tonne of chemistry and always gravitated to one another. They both had demons in their pasts, but wouldn't open up to one another. Anastasia tried to escape from a dark world, and was eventually pulled back into it. Knox was a strong and confident character, and although he didn't want to settle down, he couldn't let Anastasia go and did everything to keep her.

Although this book is the second one in the series, I was able to pick it up and dive into this world without missing out on anything. I found Empire of Sin to be an ok read for me as I found it hard to connect to the characters. However I did like the world and a few of the secondary characters intrigued me, so I know I will be picking up more from this series.

Title: Empire of Sin
Author: Rina Kent
Series: Empire #2
Genre: Dark Contemporary Romance
Published: January 1, 2022

My boss. My sin.

I’m not the type who has one-night stands.
It wasn’t supposed to happen, okay?
A couple of drinks and a sinful British accent later and I’m in bed with a stranger.
Of course, I left first thing in the morning because I’m a responsible adult.
An adult who has a new job that I need in order to keep my double life a secret.
Little did I know I’m not, in fact, responsible.
Because the stranger I left in bed? Yeah, he’s not a stranger after all.
He’s my new boss.
Knox Van Doren might have a charming smile, but a true villain lurks beneath it all.
And like any villain, he’ll use my sin against me...

Empire of Sin is a complete STANDALONE. No other books should be read prior to this.

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Review ~ Breaking the Rules by Lucy Score

Breaking the Rules (Sinner and Saint, #2)Breaking the Rules by Lucy Score
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Breaking the Rules is set 5 years into the future. Xavier is the same broody man he was in the first book, however he is determined to get his girl back. I felt that Waverley was a completely different character to the first book, involved in darker issues and getting involved in secret operatives. The chemistry was still there between than and together they were a good team once they realised they were both stronger people. I didn't enjoy this story as much as the first, but it was a good end to the duo.

Title: Breaking the Rules
Author: Lucy Score
Series: Sinner and Saint #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: December 22, 2016

From #1 Amazon bestselling writer of Pretend You’re Mine, Lucy Score delivers once again with the conclusion to the Sinner & Saint story.

In this suspenseful sequel to Crossing the Line, movie star Waverly Sinner has a gunshot wound and a missing fake boyfriend and the only man who can help her now is the one who broke her heart five years ago, Xavier Saint. When charming leading man Dante Wrede offered Waverly a new way to use her acting talents, she jumped at the chance. Undercover work is exciting and challenging. But when their assignment is cut short by a hail of gunfire, Waverly is left bleeding and alone with a cover story that could ruin her career.

It’s been five years since Waverly almost died because of a mistake he made. But when Xavier Saint catches the latest mess the actress has gotten herself into, he faces facts. He’s never stopped loving her and she still obviously needs his protection. But when he tracks her down in secluded paradise, it’s clear she’s not working on her issues in rehab as the media reported. And she’s definitely not happy to see him or willing to trust him with anything more than half-truths.

They have an attraction that won’t die, but without trust there’s no hope for a future together. The only shot Xavier has at winning her back is helping her find Dante Wrede, the man he thinks she loves. When a plot to frame her for kidnapping and murder materializes, their rag tag team of conspirators need to work fast and play dirty to clear her name. He’s got just one shot at proving her innocence and winning her back forever.

Author’s Note: This is the conclusion of Waverly and Xavier’s story that began with Crossing the Line. It takes place five years after the end of Crossing the Line.

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Review ~ Crossing the Line by Lucy Score

Crossing the Line (Sinner and Saint, #1)Crossing the Line by Lucy Score
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Crossing the Line was a read that I easily got lost in. I enjoyed meeting Waverley and Xavier and how their chemistry burned right from the beginning. Xavier underestimated Waverley and often thought she was a spoilt actress, but over time he realised the pressures she was under and that her parents weren't the great role models they portrayed themselves to be. The storyline was a bit intense and I enjoyed the building suspense. This book is the first in a duo, so be prepared to continue with the next book - Breaking the Rules.

Title: Crossing the Line
Author: Lucy Score
Series: Sinner and Saint #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: November 26, 2016

From #1 Amazon bestselling writer of Pretend You’re Mine, Lucy Score delivers once again with the two-book Sinner & Saint story.

Xavier Saint’s by-the-book rules are thrown out the window when he finds himself crossing lines to keep his beautiful client in line. His business is protecting clients—often from themselves—and as co-founder of one of the top private security firms in the country, he’s seen it all. But when he’s contracted to protect Waverly Sinner, the stunning and rebellious actress, he finds that some rules are made to be broken.

Waverly Sinner is a second-generation Hollywood goddess living in the gilded cage of expectations. She’s reluctantly playing her role while counting down the days to her escape from the life she never chose. But meeting sexy, rule-bound Xavier Saint slams the door shut on her own private prison. She doesn’t trust him and will do anything to shake him loose.

Sparks fly and ignite when Waverly and Xavier’s agendas clash. But when a dangerous stalker threatens her life, can Waverly trust Xavier to stand between her and a potential killer? Or will their growing feelings for each other endanger them both?

Author’s Note: This is the first novel in a two-book series. The stories take place five years apart so my astute readers can guess that this one doesn’t have the happily ever after we all love. But I promise, I more than make up for it with the conclusion of Xavier and Waverly’s story in Breaking the Rules.

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Review ~ Asher Black by Parker S. Huntington

Asher Black (The Five Syndicates, #1)Asher Black by Parker S. Huntington
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Asher Black began strongly and I really was swept away into the world that Parker S. Huntington created. I enjoyed the first few interaction’s between Asher and Lucy. She was scared to begin with when she realised who Asher was, but it didn’t take her long to break him down. I felt she had strong opinions, but would then backtrack and do the opposite. I loved Asher, he was definitiely my favourite character in this read. He was such a nice guy and really wanted to protect Lucy.

I felt that some moments were a bit confusing and that there were big timelines that were skipped past. The ending of the story felt rushed and I was disapponted on how quickly it wrapped up.

Title: Asher Black
Author: Parker S. Huntington
Series: The Five Syndicates #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: April 21, 2017

From USA Today bestselling author Parker S. Huntington comes a steamy, slow-burn love story full of unexpected love and banter.

It started with my bladder.

I didn't mean to witness a shady deal in the restroom hallway.
I didn't think twice when I called the cops.
And I certainly didn't know who the club belonged to.

Asher Black.
Former mafia hitman.
Billionaire CEO.
New York's most eligible bachelor.

When he shows up at my college, looking for the girl who called the cops on his business, I know I'm as good as dead.
What I don't expect is his offer--he'll pay my tuition and set me up with a cushy job after I graduate.
All I have to do is... be his fake fiancée.

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Review ~ No Ordinary Gentleman by Donna Alam

No Ordinary GentlemanNo Ordinary Gentleman by Donna Alam
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

2.5 Stars

The start of this read was pretty amusing, experiencing Holly in an awkward situation that Alexander bailed her out of. I enjoyed watching the sparks fly between them, as well as their steamy encounter. When they crossed paths, I could tell that Alexander had deeper feelings than he realised and did all he could to help Holly and to keep her in his life.

As this story unfolded, I was quite invested, but then Holly made some silly decisions and I was left confused. I felt part of this story was quite awkward, especially when someone resurfaced that wasn't expected. I felt this story took some weird turns and was quite drawn out. In the end it was just a meh read and I'm surprised I made it to the end.

Title: No Ordinary Gentleman
Author: Donna Alam
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: October 19, 2021

The duke, his brother, and the lie. Or in other words, how I came to be trapped between two men in a remote castle in Scotland.

Once upon a time, in a more carefree life, I met a man.
Our gazes connected over the top of his newspaper as he watched me suffer through the most embarrassing moment of my life.
Older, sophisticated, and so hot, he saved me from that awkward encounter,
Then tried to send me away with a pat on my head.
But I wasn’t ready to let him go . . .

And the rest, as the saying goes, is history.
Passionate, heart-stopping, the night of my life kind of history.

But there was just one tiny problem. I lied to him.

I told him I was a tourist and only in town for one night.
So he wasn’t too impressed when I turned up again.
In his Scottish castle.

Yes, his freakin’ castle.

His killer suit traded for a kilt, and his seductive smile for a frown.
When he glowers my way, I don’t know if I should be worried or turned on.
Because the Duke of Dalforth has secrets he’s not sharing.
And a brother who’d like nothing more than to cut in on him.

So I do the wrong thing for the right reason.
And I have to believe it’ll work out in the end.
Because the duke is No Ordinary Gentleman.
And I’m just a normal girl, fighting not to fall in love with him.

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