Rock by J.A. Huss ~ Release Day Review & Quote-tastic (@JAHuss)

Rock will be released later today! I am excited to share this book with you... It is a fantastic new standalone read from Huss that every fan will want to get their hands on. I'll bring you buy links as soon as I can!
Title: Rock
Author: J.A. Huss
Genre: Rock-star Romantic Suspense
Published: March 7th 2016

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My American Dream just shattered and they think I did it on purpose. They have sentenced me to hell by sending me back to the last place I want to be. They have people watching me twenty-four-seven. They want the truth about how my band mates died, and they’re going to get it, no matter what.

No matter how hard I fight. No matter how many times I deny it. No matter what it takes, the truth is going to catch up with me.

I am Rowan Kyle Saber. I am RK. I am Rock. Ex-lead-singer for Son of a Jack. Ex-addict, ex-friend, ex-boyfriend, ex-brother… and presently in denial.

Welcome to Grand Lake, Colorado, where all my nightmares started. Welcome to the past. Welcome to the present. Welcome to RK’s fucked up life.

The only thing holding me together is her. But even that might be a lie.

J.A. Huss is a master storywriter and she has delivered once again with Rock! Rock, or RK to his friends, had returned home to Grand Lake after an accident had shattered his world. However things weren’t what they seemed at home. He’s missing crucial information from his past and needed time to become whole once again.

I really loved RK; he was angry in the beginning but I can’t imagine a person who wouldn’t be if they were struggling like he was. His injury was hurting him, people were rude and dismissive of him, so it was no wonder he withdrew from everyone! He had to slowly piece his life back together and it was difficult when information was being withheld. But once I got past the fierce Rockstar, there was a kind, confused guy underneath that just wanted to know what the hell was going on and didn’t want to relapse into his dark past.

I really enjoyed the musical element to this story and how it was RK’s backbone. He had grown up with music in his life and his career was founded on his talent for writing and singing. He had formed strong friendships with his bandmates, and was happy to forget about the mess of his life that he left behind in Grand Lake. But the music helped in his recovery and I liked seeing him grow into a better person.

I want to dive in about relationships in this book but some may be too spoilery. I did like all the people that were able to get close to RK once again and I understood they loved him, tried to protect him and wanted to help without pushing him too far.

The way that J.A. Huss delivered this story was superb. I got pieces of information and tried to straighten it all out to understand where the book was going. I was thrown off in the beginning but things started to line up for me after a while. I love the way Huss writes and plants seeds in your head, only to do a complete 360 to throw you off track! Rock was another example of what a magnificent story teller she is and she continues to write brilliant stories that can blow your mind.

Complimentary copy provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review.

These little quotes are darker... but show the internal struggle that RK was going through. My heart ached for him!!

Why the fuck am I still alive when everyone I ever loved gets to enjoy that darkness?

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How long before we both realize we’ll never do either of those things again and life isn’t worth living?
I think I’m there.

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