Review ~ Very Wicked Beginnings by Ilsa Madden-Mills

Very Wicked Beginnings (Briarcrest Academy, #1.5)Title: Very Wicked Beginnings
Author: Ilsa Madden-Mills
Series: Briarcrest Academy #1.5
Genre: NA Contemporary
Published: May 10th 2014

A Prequel Novella

Girls say I’m a walking, talking sex god. Guys call me Hollywood because my life is golden.

It’s not.

But, ESPN did rank me as a four-star recruit, calling me one of the best defensive players since Briarcrest Academy opened its esteemed doors. So yeah, with football and a stellar GPA, my future seemed good.

Then Dovey Beckham shows up in her short skirts and ballet shoes. Driving me insane. Making me want to beg for her attention.

But that wouldn’t happen, because Cuba Hudson didn’t beg for

She walked around BA like she owned the place, and most days she looked right through me…the one girl I couldn’t have.
So, of course, I made it my mission to claim her, to put her notch on my bedpost.

Because no girl can resist the Heartbreaker of BA.

Welcome to Briarcrest Academy, where wicked love begins…and ends.

WARNING: This dark and twisty new adult romance contains sexual situations and graphic language.
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I read and reviewed Very Bad Things last month and enjoyed it so much I had to continue on in the series. Very Wicked Beginnings was a fun prequel novella that follows on with two other characters: Dovey and Cuba. I really liked Cuba, the player, in the first book so I just had to see who would capture his heart.

This early glimpse is how Cuba and Dovey first met and it was quite sweet to see their connection grow from a distance. Once they became closer, Cuba wanted to know more about Dovey. Whereas Dovey tried to keep the distance between them. But there was no way that they could deny the attraction!!

Although it is a short read, you get sucked into the story and want to know more. They have dark pasts and secrets that haunt them. I wanted to know more about the feelings they had, so I dived straight into their full novel!

Very Wicked Beginnings is currently free on Amazon

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  1. I love short reads that can just suck you end! This one does sound interesting!

    Lovely review! *HUGS*

  2. I am loving novellas at the moment not so much time to read full length novels. This one sounds great

  3. Squee!! I saw that on your blog you were going to post it! I LOVED it too... Can't wait for Scarlet Red!

  4. This sounds really good. It's a you recommend it be read first?

  5. It is the beginning of Dovey and Cuba's story in book 2, so it is better off being read first I think.

  6. Gotta love that undeniable attraction. Yums! I've not tried her yet. But cover alone has me doing the *grabby hands* lol

  7. I know! I love the cover too. Was a great start, left me wanting more!

  8. It was, but you will want to see what happens next!

  9. I love it when one or both characters do their best to fight the attraction. :) I'm glad you loved to prequel, Naomi. I'm going to have to get to it soon...a Naomi Recs month. Yep, I can see it happening. :) BTW, I read Mr. Black over the weekend. FABULOUS!!!


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