Review ~ Wild Ones by Kristine Wyllys

Wild Ones (The Lane, #1)Title: Wild Ones
Author: Kristine Wyllys
Series: The Lane #1
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Published: January 13th 2014

Bri Martin likes her skirts too short, her heels too high, and trouble close at hand. So when big, brooding underground boxer Luke Turner comes into the bar where she works and starts a fight before she brings his first drink, she can't help being intrigued. Luke is everything she never wanted and everything she can't resist.

Soon, Luke is showing up everywhere Bri is, and she can't break free of his hold on her, nor does she want to. When her best friend turns on her, it's Luke who is there. When Luke's opponent comes after her to send Luke a message, it's he who comes to her rescue.

Before Bri knows it, she's caught in the midst of a rivalry between her boyfriend and her boss, both of whom are not content to settle their scores inside the ring. She swore she'd never live this life, so like the one she once ran from. But only by confronting her past can she decide where her future lies…and whether Luke can be a part of it.
I am a sucker for these books where the girl falls for a bad boy fighter, so it’s not surprising that I enjoyed this story too. I was initially attracted to the book for its cover, and snapped it up because of the blurb. It sounded like it was going to be a fun read, but there was a serious storyline behind it, which we discover right from the beginning.

Bri took off from home when things became too much for her and she has managed on her own with the few friends she has. She has a place to live, a job and her best friend Jax who knows all about her past. When she locks eyes with Luke, it will be the beginning of an intense relationship, that bears a lot of resemblance to what she ran away from.

Although Bri and Luke have serious chemistry, they are more often butting heads. It was very amusing to see Bri's witty remarks getting her into trouble, but because she is not afraid of Luke and will not cower before him, which is why he is attracted to her so much. But when it comes to being intimate together, they are sizzling!! Hooking up in public places as well as at home! They hit a few snags along the way, one of which is Jax, Bri’s best friend. I do like Jax a lot, he knows all of Bri’s darkest secrets, but he doesn’t handle Bri very well. She tries to push too hard in some cases, and it may not be for the better.

Wild Ones is Kristine Wyllys’ debut novel and I think that she did a great job with it. She wrote in some scenes that were a little dark, one of which brought tears to my eyes. The fight scenes were very descriptive and I felt like I was in the crowd too. It was easy to get swept away in the world that she has built and I was hoping for things to work out with this couple. Bri and Luke's story has only just begun and I am looking forward to seeing what they must endure next!

I received a copy of this book from the Publisher, via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Sounds great! Love when you feel like you're right there in the story like that. I'm liking that cover too :)

  2. The chemistry with Bri and Luke sounds like I would really enjoy it.

  3. They do have great chemistry, and the push past some difficult barriers!!

  4. Oh... Luke is total hotness.... definitely one so yummy to read about!


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