Release Day Review ~ Meet Me in the Dark by J.A. Huss

Title: Meet Me in the Dark
Author: J.A. Huss
Genre: Dark Suspense
Published: April 15th 2015

Eight years ago, Merric Case—AKA Merc, freelance assassin—was sent to rescue a sixteen year old girl from a Wyoming-based militia group on Christmas Eve. A new life, new friends, and a whole lot of new money came out of that job. But a choice had to be made that night, and the girl he should’ve saved was left behind.

Sydney Channing was collateral damage in more ways than one when the rescue she expected turned into an eight-year nightmare filled with lies, sexual servitude, and mind manipulation. Case’s last threat gave her hope that one day he’d be back—even if it was just to kill her.

And now Merc is back. But he’s not here to save Sydney. His job is to pick through her damaged psyche and find the truth using whatever means necessary. Sex, drugs, lies, and love. Those are his weapons of choice. And when Merric Case takes aim—he never misses the target.
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Meet Me in the Dark is a dark, intense and crazy read! I am used to J.A. Huss writing books that mess with my head, but this one certainly took the cake! Merc and Sydney’s journey was an exhilarating ride, had me cringing in places but I could see it building into something incredible.

I have always thought that Merc was a little warped and he showed me that he would go to any extreme to get to the end game he wanted. He is very clever at manipulating people, using everything that he has learned including psychological and physical means if necessary. But he met his match with Sydney, she was a tough nut to crack. What surprised me the most was Merc’s soft side… he can be sweet and tender and it kind of melted my heart!

Sydney had been through so much and learning the details about how her path crossed with Merc eight years ago was mind blowing. She had been alone for so long and just wanted someone for herself. The years after that were difficult too and knowing how broken she became just made this story more incredible. I wasn’t sure about her at times and wondered if she was being more aloof than she actually was, but as the story unravelled I could see the pieces clicking together.

J.A. Huss has woven yet another incredible story that will have your head in a spin. It was so hard to predict the direction of this story and whether Sydney and Merc could trust one another. The characters are damaged, cunning and passionate, and manage to find something in one another that they need to survive. It is a dark and twisted story and I loved every minute of it!!

Complimentary copy provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. It is great to see that you enjoyed this book! Lovely Reviewg

  2. Definitely a story that made my head spin, too, Naomi! And my feels they were just all over the place.
    Great review :)

  3. Thanks girl! It was a mind blowing read!

  4. They certainly were!! i didn't know if I liked or hated them!!

  5. Me neither! Merc was just SO cold at times, and then he'd show that there was actually more to him before he went cold once more...

  6. Yeah, it was a mind fluck for sure, Naomi! More so than any of her previous books and that's saying something. :) I like your use of the word 'cunning' because yes, these characters were that. But for different reasons? At times I was thinking to myself "how can I like this character? I shouldn't like this character!" But like him I did. And that ending was I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one with a spinning head and emotions flying all over the place. Wonderful review, girl!

  7. Ooh, good one, Naomi! Intense and able to mess with your head - you've got me all curious now :) I keep bumping into J.A. Huss on the blogs, and every review is better than the last one I read, I swear! And every time I tell myself I'll start reading her, but oh, my towering TBR pile... I'll get to her eventually - apparently she's an absolute must! Loving your review <3

  8. I do enjoy dark and twisted reads, with characters who aren't perfect. I love experiencing books that are raw in emotion.
    Amazing review!

  9. I know! I couldn't tell if he was manipulating her the whole time, or actually falling for her! He is a puzzle, that man!!

  10. Thanks Brandee!! He certainly had me confused and I love how JA Huss cuts each characters chapter off and you don't know if they have done something else in between! It is very clever and had me in suspense! I love how these two clashed, but I could also see that they would be compatible if they let the other in... but it was a lot of work and one helluva rush!!

  11. Thanks Ramona. JA Huss is one of my favourite authors, so I hope you get a chance at reading her work. She is a master of these romantic suspense reads!!

  12. Thanks Magen! This one is a little dark, but I love it anyway...

  13. Characters that melt hearts are the best! Nice review.


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