Review ~ An Indecent Proposal: The Interview by J.C. Reed & Jackie S. Steele

Title: An Indecent Proposal: The Interview
Author: J.C. Reed & Jackie S. Steele
Series: Indecent Proposal #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: February 23rd 2015

It was supposed to be easy.
Hire a professional actor to play my fake fiancé.
But when he steps in front of my door to pick me up for The Interview, my heart stops. Chase Wright is perfect. And hot. I mean like, burn up your dress hot. However, Chase isn't professional at all. I hate what he does to me with his sinfully sexy blue eyes. I hate that he wants me in his bed.

One month…that’s all I need him for. All I have to do is stay out of his bed.

But the rules slowly begin to change. My fake fiancé suddenly becomes my fake husband. When Chase offers me an indecent proposal, it's too late to fire him.
It's too late to decline.

Authors note:
Full-length novel. Due to sexy, steamy situations only for readers 18+
Includes free prequel novella THAT GUY
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An Indecent Proposal: The Interview starts with the prequel novella That Guy. This was a quick story about Lauren (Laurie) going to a job interview and being stuck in an elevator with a stranger with a sexy voice. Some secrets were touched on, and in the end I was left confused just like Laurie, and I needed to know more about her and her past.

Jump three months into the future and Laurie needs a fiancé before her twenty-third birthday. Laurie’s friend Jude is willing to help her out with that and makes her decisions for her, and soon enough Chase is there to take her out. I liked Chase; he has the whole sexy, confident and determined vibe about him. He has his sights set on Laurie and even though she’s attracted to him she wants to keep him at arms lengths because of her past.

Now, her past really had me intrigued. There were slight hints dropped along the way that had me wanting to know more about Laurie. And even though she revealed what she can, I suspect there are a lot more to come. Chase is very mysterious too, only revealing small glimpses of himself. These two together have an intense chemistry and I love how Chase’s little touches unnerve Laurie!

This is the first project that J.C. Reed & Jackie S. Steele have worked on together, and they certainly have me hooked. The storyline is still pretty mysterious and I know it is going to explode! There are so many details yet to be unearthed and the sneak peek into the next book wants me to see all the pieces click together! I hope I get to read the next book soon!!

Complimentary copy provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Love stories in the same vein as the movie, so I might try this one on for size. :D

  2. I'll be playing it safe and wait to see what you think of the rest ;) Plus I'm trying to resist buying serials before they're all released !

  3. I swear, you always review such good and sexy books! I do love a book that really keeps things mysterious and keep me glued to the pages!

    Amazing review!

  4. Well damn. I love stories where there's a fake whatever and things turn hot and sexy. This sounds intriguing on top my favorite trope. My poor TBR list.

  5. I love it when authors collab and ends up with something spectacular. It's almost like the Jolie-Pitts!

  6. This one actually sounds pretty interesting, love the kind of books you review! <3 Benish | Feminist Reflections

  7. Hmm, I like that the authors have given you just enough to be curious and want to know more! Plus, I like the mysteriousness, the wondering, the sexual tension. *ha* Do I have this?? Yes, you should know. ;)

  8. I actually read this book based on your review xD I actually really liked it, will be reviewing it sometime soon! <3 Benish | Feminist Reflections

  9. Oh yay!! I am so glad that you did! I liked it and I'm dying for more!!

  10. Hehe! I hope you do, and I hope you read it soon, or close to the next book!

  11. Bwahahahaha!! I have to agree with you there!!

  12. Haha! I know what you mean. This was pretty fun! I want more!

  13. Thanks girl! It was a lot of fun, you should give it a whirl when you are after and entertaining read!!

  14. The authors have done it right Ramona, and i cannot wait to get more from them!

  15. I know what you mean, because you want the next book immediately!

  16. I think you'd like this one, not so much angst!

  17. It's always interesting when a story revolves around characters shrouded in mystery, right? It's not easy to write people like who can still make sense. Kudos to the author if she's done it right :) Great review!


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