Teaser Tuesday #13 - Dead Embers by T.G. Ayer

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This weeks teaser is from the second book in the Valkyrie series by T.G. Ayer. I really loved the first book, Dead Reckoning, so I am looking forward to this one!!

Dead Embers by T.G. Ayer
Valkyrie #2
Published August 31st 2012

Glaring at the view meant turning my back on Fen.

Big mistake.

I'd assumed he still stood beside me, lost in his funk, entranced by the silvery-white valley. But when my back suddenly warmed, as some large object shielded my body from the icy fingers of the gusting wind, every muscle in my body tensed. I glanced over my shoulder, my heart tripping.

Too late. Too late to turn and defend myself.

Too late to stop him.

For a shadow of a second, I stared into his eyes, shocked, horrified he'd do such a thing to me. A thousand fears filtered through my frigid brain. Was he in cahoots with Loki? Or was he Freya's dog all along?

It took an eternity for him to blink. Even longer for me to blink.

Then Fenrir pushed me, and I fell off the cliff into pure white oblivion.

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Oooh!! Fenrir!! You are nasty right there.... What have you done??
I wonder why he did that... What are your thoughts??

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  1. Oh no, what happened to her? Great teaser. Check out mine @ This Is How It's Supposed To Be

  2. Wow! That is one intriguing teaser. I have to know what happens next. My teasers this week are from The Shadow Society by Marie Rutkoski and Dangerous Affairs by Diana Miller. Happy reading!

  3. Oh wow! There's some serious stuff going on there. VERY intriguing! =)

    My TT @ The Coffee Pot

  4. Hadn't heard of this but that was quite a teaser so I think I'll have to pick up a copy to find out what happens!

    My Teaser

  5. What I was so into it. Need more. Great teaser.
    Fallen Angels

  6. Oh my!! That's a killer teaser!! Makes me wanna know what's going on and what's going to happen!!!! AHhhhh!!!!

    Now I'm curious!!!! Ha ha!

    Great pick and thanks for sharing girl!!

    My TT

    Magen Corrie

  7. Darn. I thought it was going to be sex, not violence. Good teaser.

    Here's Mine

  8. Definitely a killer teaser!! To die for!! Fenrir (Unusual name) must be one badass dude!!

    My Teaser @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

  9. Fantastic teaser! I love that cover too. Yeah, you can never trust Fenrir.

  10. Cool teaser, and a creepy-ish cover.

    Here’s my Tuesday Teaser!

  11. It does sound good doesn't it?? I'm really enjoying this one!!

  12. There certainly is!! So much action!

  13. I think you need to!! The first book shattered my heart 3 times!!

  14. Haha!! I know what you mean, that was right at the end of the chapter too, had to continue reading to see what happened!!

  15. Of course you're curious..... that was the point..Lol!! Thanx Magen!!

  16. HAHA!! Now that would be interesting!! I can see what you mean though!!

  17. Yeah, going into a bit of mythology, but It's becoming a hell of a ride!!

  18. Hmmm... I really like Fenrir, I hope he stays as one of the good guys!!

  19. I think so too!! I am really enjoying this series!!

  20. Haha!! That's all part of the tease....


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