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Title: Cry Sanctuary
Author: Sadie Hart
Series: Shifter Town Enforcement #2
Published: August 26th 2012

For Readers 18+

Book Description:
After being held captive at the hands of a serial killer, Holly Lawrence is the only one who’s ever managed to escape the werewolf known as the Hunter. As a Hound for Shifter Town Enforcement, it was her job to track and find the killer; instead another girl died the night that she escaped. Now, the Hunter is changing his game and he has Holly in his crosshairs, all he needs is a good chase.

But when he targets the pack of Sanctuary Falls, alpha werewolf Caine Morgan is determined to protect them–and he’s not the only one. The Hunter is using Sanctuary Falls in a terrifying cat-and-mouse-game as he zeroes in on the one prey that ever got away: Holly. As Holly struggles to stay one step ahead of the Hunter, it’s up to her and Caine to work together to save herself and his pack…

But with the body count rising with every full moon, this killer won’t stop until Holly cries sanctuary….and runs.

Cry Sanctuary is different to the type of Paranormal books that I am used to reading. It has more of a Thriller edge to it as well as the Paranormal/Romance aspect. It was a very intense read which included kidnap, rape and murder, but even in hard times, the characters could find comfort in the arms of another to relieve the stress and tension.

Holly is a Hound in the Shifter Town Enforcement, but she is at breaking point. After escaping the Hunter, other shifters are now dying and he seems to be making it personal. I liked Holly, she is determined not to break as she has only one goal which is to capture Hunter. She is quite focused on the task at hand, although she isn’t able to remain cold hearted. When she meets Caine the hold on her emotions weakens as they begin to form a bond.

Caine is the Alpha male of the Wolf pack and he is doing his best to keep his people safe. He blames himself if anything happens to any of his pack members. So when the Hunter starts targeting his pack he feels guilty and powerless to do anything about it. When Holly comes to investigate the case he can see the determination in her eyes, but also the vulnerable woman underneath.

I thought that Caine was a great Alpha, looking out for others before himself, as they do. I think he has met his match with Holly. She is a very determined person and seems to be used to getting her own way, which is an Alpha-like trait in itself. I think that they make a good pair and complement each other which enables them to work together on the case.

Sadie Hart was able to capture my attention from the start. It has a very powerful plot but with the romance added to the story, it was able to lighten the book a little. It would have been too intense for me otherwise as there isn’t a lot of happiness in the novel. With the romance scenes the characters were able to let go and find relief with each other. I really liked Sadie’s writing style and how she even showed us glimpses into the workings of the Hunters. But keep in mind that there are some unpleasant scenes in the book.

It was a fantastic read and I will definitely be checking out future books!!

About the Author:
During the day, Sadie Hart works as a secretary in a library. At night, she writes steamy, paranormal romances revolving around the things that go bump in the night-both the spooky and the naughty kind. She lives in Michigan with two large dogs, both rescues. She writes the Shifter Town Enforcement series, combining her love of all things animals, the paranormal, and an action packed plot, but she doesn’t plan to stop there.

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  1. Thanks for having me today Naomi! Really glad to see you enjoyed the book as well!

  2. Liz @ Fictional CandyOctober 14, 2012 at 1:21 AM

    Wow, this sounds really good. I haven't read a wolfy book in a while, and if this ups the ante and adds a bit more to the danger and thriller aspect, I am all in! i can't wait to read it. I'm going to check it out on Goodreads right now :)

  3. You are welcome!! I really enjoyed your book! Can't wait to see what you may write next!!

  4. Thanx Liz!! You would like it! Good to see that I have something you don't for a change!!

  5. Love a good wolf shifter novel. I like that it has supense. Great review.

  6. Yep, lots of it!! It was great!! Thanx FA

  7. I am in the US. Thank you for sharing with us today. I am excited to find a new read in this genre, it always gives me tingles to know there is more out there for my voracious reading appetite ;)

  8. I'm in the US, this sounds like a great alpha wolf novel.

  9. Tell me about it!! I had so much fun reading this one! Being kept in suspense like that!! Argh!!


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