Collide by Gail McHugh ~ Audiobook Review & Quote-tastic

I purchased an audiobook! That's right, Collide was the first book I have purchased and listened to and it was a great experience! Mary Kowal is an amazing narrator and Gail McHugh has delivered another book that left me wanting more!
Title: Collide
Author: Gail McHugh
Series: Collide #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: September 17th 2013 by Atria Books (first published 2013)

Attracting, compelling, colliding, their chemistry—to say the least—was explosive. He felt it the first time he laid eyes on her. . .

On the heels of college graduation and the unexpected death of her mother, Emily Cooper moves to New York City to join her boyfriend for a fresh start. Dillon Parker has been sweet, thoughtful, and generous through Emily’s loss, and she can’t imagine her life without him—even as her inner voice tells her to go slow.

Then she meets Gavin Blake. A rich and notorious playboy, Gavin is dangerously sexy and charming as hell. Their first encounter is brief, but it’s enough to inflame Emily’s senses. When their paths cross again through an unexpected mutual acquaintance, she tries to deny the connection she feels, but Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome won’t let go so easily.

As she discovers Gavin’s pain-filled past and Dillon’s true nature begins to surface, Emily knows she must take action or risk destroying everyone—including herself. But how can she choose when she can’t trust her own heart?

I purchased Collide, and decided to buy the audio book as well, and it then became the first audio book that I have listened to. I listened to it over a number of weeks while driving or doing housework. I was surprised as to how much I enjoyed it and was swept away with the story line and how the narrator told the story. Mary Kowal narrates the story beautifully, and I love the way she changes the voices when each character is speaking.

Emily moved to New York after the death of her mother to be closer to her boyfriend Dillon. She moves in with her best friend Olivia – who is a hoot! – and gets a job as a waitress until she can find work as a teacher. When she does a delivery for her boss on the way home, she meets Mr Tall, Dark and Fuckable Handsome aka Gavin, and they both have an instant attraction.

Emily seemed quite naive at times through this book and often frustrated me. I could see that things with her and Dillon weren’t great, but she was quick to forgive him or overlook certain things. But she was still taking the death of her mother quite badly and Dillon was close with her mother too, and did some of the sweetest things during this dark time for Emily and her family.

Now the guys… well, Gavin is my favourite character in the book; he is quite forward with Emily from the very beginning and never really hides his attraction from her. He is such a sweet guy and is willing to do anything to make Emily happy and will stand up to her at any cost. Dillon… nope, didn’t like him one bit! I wanted Emily to kick him to the curb! He is arrogant and forceful when he wants to be and really is an asshat!

Emily has a few friends that have her back in this book. I loved Olivia… she is the voice of reason and often talks sense into Emily and gently encourages her to do things she is unsure about. Fallon is her newest friend, and a little eccentric, but will go above and beyond for her friend Emily. There were other guys that I liked too, and they all support Gavin and Emily when needed.

Even though Emily did frustrate me at times, I could see that she was just trying to find her feet and to be her own person. It may have taken the whole book for her to open her eyes, but she did in the end, for which I was grateful. I have been guaranteed that she is not so weak-minded in the next book, so I am excited to get it and see what happens!

This is the second book of Gail’s that I have read, and even though it’s not my favourite book of hers (Amber to Ashes was AMAZING), it was still a great read! The book was told in the third person and gently moves from one character to the next. Emily’s journey has not been an easy one and she has found it hard to be her own person and I look forward to seeing her take control in the Pulse.

“I think I’ve loved you from the second I laid my eyes on you.” He pulled his head back slightly, and Emily went to speak, but he placed a finger over her lips. “I don’t expect you to say it back. I just need you to know this wasn’t just sex for me.” He placed another soft kiss along her jaw. “I want it all, Emily. I want to spend my nights holding hands with you,” he breathed the words into her ear. “I want the all- day texting.” He kissed her temple and caressed her cheek. “I want the laughing and the forehead kisses.” He softly ran his lips over her forehead. “I want the date nights, the movie watching, and the breakfast making.” He dragged his hands through her hair, his teeth tugging gently at her bottom lip. “I want the late- night drives, the sunset watching, the screaming, the yelling, and the crying.” Still kissing her, he smiled against her mouth. “I know I’ll definitely want the make- up sex that comes after all of the screaming and crying. I want the good, the bad, and the in between. All of it is what’s going to make us amazing together.”

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Gail McHughA self-proclaimed chocoholic, married mother of three, and a lover of writing for as far back as she can remember, Gail McHugh is the author of two New York Times bestselling novels. The COLLIDE series, which includes COLLIDE and PULSE, was acquired by Atria Books on September 17th, 2013.

“The first of two sexy contemporary romances about a woman torn between her seemingly perfect boyfriend and a dark, mysterious stranger who will stop at nothing to have her.” – Publishers Weekly on COLLIDE, a Top 10 Romance pick!

Gail’s next novel, also publishing through Atria Books, AMBER TO ASHES: Part One in the Torn Heart Series, is slated to release June 9th, 2015.

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  1. Awww, you lost your audiobook v-card. Congrats! :P Seriously, though, this does look like a good book.

  2. It's great when friendship is one of the main themes in a story. I love a good romance, but I'm also a sucker for BFF stories :) Great review!

  3. Oooh la la! Sounds like its a good romance, and I do love the friend element:D

  4. I gotta check out Amber to Ashes.

  5. Ha! I bought Collide and the other book in this series because I really like the minimalist look of the covers. Lol. Need to read my copies, stat!

  6. I love audiobooks. The narrator always makes or breaks it. Good to know this ones worth it.

  7. I haven't done audio books yet, but I do have a couple that I will be giving a try. Glad to hear you enjoyed it so much. :-)
    sherry @ fundinmental

  8. Oh well he just about did me in with that. Talk about a swoony moment. Noms. And yay me I have this one!! Eeps! I'll move it up the list :D

  9. Dang! That quote!! I've had this book on my kindle for who knows how long! Now I'm kinda hoping I get to it soon. ;) I get what you're saying about Emily and I'm quite sure I'll have the same feelings. But she did redeem herself eventually and hopefully in the next installment she'll really show what's she made of. I'm so happy you had a wonderful experience as you *popped your audio cherry*, Naomi. I'm really getting into audio myself. Of course, I'm sticking with narrators I know I like...but it makes driving and cleaning a heckuva lot more enjoyable. ;)

  10. Ohh I like the sound of this one! Definitely going on my Amazon wish list. Great review!

  11. Bwahahaha! Yes I did! It was a good read, and I look forward to see where things go next. Probably will get it on Audio too!

  12. I'm a sucker for BF stories too. And I loved how the friendship built between Gavin and Emily... plenty of tension too!

  13. Yes, they had to settle with what they could have for now, but I am excited to see what happens next!

  14. I loved Amber to Ashes! I want the next book NOW! Dying for it!

  15. I hope you do soon Joy. Keen to see what you think.

  16. I have read a couple since this book, and all the narrators have been good.

  17. I need something to listen to while doing housework, may as well be a book! lol

  18. I know! Gavin is so sweet! He really is a great guy and treats Emily with the respect that she deserves. I have my fingers crossed for these two.

  19. Haha! Yes, I have enjoyed listening to books. I often walk around smiling as a listen to books. I often wonder what the narrators think when the read the sex scenes! hehehe
    I really enjoyed this and was frustrated at times. When I finished Amber to Ashes, the author contacted me on Goodreads and we exchanged messages... she told my that Emily stands up in the next book... I cannot wait!

  20. Thank Lorna! It was a good read and I am excited to see what happens between them all next!

  21. I struggle with audio book. I always end up falling asleep or day dreaming, and then have to re-listen I'm glad your first experience with audio was a good one! Emily would frustrate me too! She needs to dump the asshat and get with Gavin. Olivia sounds like a great best friend, funny and the voice of reason! Awesome Review Naomi :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  22. I listen when doing housework! Gives me something to listen to!
    I think she is going to step up in the next book!


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