Arrow's Hell by Chantal Fernando ~ Review

Arrow's Hell by Chantal Fernando was released in Australia today! I loved this book and the series has quickly become one of my favourites! 
Title: Arrow's Hell
Author: Chantal Fernando
Series: Wind Dragons MC #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: July 1st 2015

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From bestselling author Chantal Fernando, the second book in a sexy romance series featuring the bad boys of the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club and the women who fall in love with them.

Being the younger sister of a Wind Dragons MC member isn’t as great as you’d think it would be.

I can’t escape the details of my brother’s exploits. No one tells me anything. Men who know who I am tend to stay away from me.

And worst of all: the members of the MC are off-limits.

When Arrow catches my eye, I make it my mission to make him happy again.

When I fall head over heels in love with him, I just hope he will be there to catch me. And that my brother doesn’t kill him…

I read Dragon's Lair, the first book in this series not long ago and fell in love with the world and all of the characters. When I met Arrow, I liked him immediately! He was fun, cheeky and loved to stir the pot. But something went down and it broke my heart to see what he had to go through and what he did to survive. I was unsure whether or not he would be able to pick himself up, so I HAD to see who would bring him back to life.

Anna was definitely a perfect choice for Arrow! She is Rake’s sister and he likes to be in control like the rest of the alpha males in the club. She reminded me a bit of Faye, with her feistiness and her don’t-back-down attitude, and stood up for herself when needed. She wanted to make her own life for herself, but allowed the club into some aspects. There were a few moments where she should’ve thought things through before taking action, but at the time with the adrenaline running and her emotions all over the place, I could see that I probably would’ve done the same thing.

I loved watching Arrow change throughout this story and how he slowly let Anna in. He tried to be respectful and not do anything with his club brother’s family, but it was hard to ignore the connection they had. It was nice to see some of the old Arrow come back and the passion that he once had. When Arrow and Anna finally hit the sheets it was scorching and I cheered to see the emotion coming out of them!

Arrow and Anna’s book was fantastic! They both grew as people and learned to adapt to the situation they were in. Anna soon learned that the club was more than just a group of guys and Arrow realised that he deserved another chance. There were a few twists I knew were coming, but had no idea which way they would spin the story, and they kept me on my toes! I want more from this world, NOW! I know Tracker’s book is next, but I hope we get Rake’s story too!

Complimentary copy provided by Simon & Schuster Australia in exchange for an honest review.

Chantal Fernando
New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Chantal Fernando is twenty six years old and lives in Western Australia.
Her published novels include four books in the Resisting Love series – Chase, Kade, Ryder and James; the New York Times Bestselling novel Maybe This Time and its follow up, This Time Around. Her latest releases include Toxic Girl, Saxon, and a USA bestselling biker romance novel Dragon’s Lair.

When not reading, writing or daydreaming she can be found enjoying life with her three sons and family.

Represented by Kimberly Brower from the Rebecca Friedman Literary Agency.

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  1. I LOVE the name Arrow. It's just so nice and a cool change;) I'm glad you liked this book so much. And I also love the fact that Arrow has progressed so much over time. Character development is awesome to witness because we as the reader know where the character has come from. ;)

  2. Woot! Sounds fantastic:D! Ill forgive the fact it says Dragons even when its not about dragons:p lol

  3. Feisty is always great in a heroine. And I do love male MCs that come with layers and walls around them, which they take their sweet time to tear down :) What can I say? I'm a sucker for a challenge - fictional though it may be ;)))

  4. I haven't read this author before. I love the idea of Arrow being cheeky!

  5. I lovev that arrow enjoyed stirring the pot, and that Anna was a strong female character that she was able to get Rake to let her in! The two sound like a very passionate couple. Wonderful Review Naomi :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  6. Sorry I am so behind on my blog visits-haven't been well. This book sounds really good. Can it stand alone?

  7. Arrow was such a great character. He has dealt with so much heartbreak, so I loved seeing him heal!

  8. Haha! I knew you would like that aspect, shame it's a motor cycle club *wink*

  9. I agree, love feistiness! Arrow was a great guy, he broke my heart. So glad he found Anna.

  10. I think you would like this one Valerie, it's not a dark read, all about the romance *wink*

  11. These two were great together. I loved that she was able to build a better relationship with her brother.

  12. That's ok Lorna... I have had the kids home for two weeks... trying to catch up now!
    Yes definitely standalone reads, but if you like one, you'll want them all!


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