Review ~ Follow by J.A. Huss

Author: J.A. Huss
Series: Social Media #1
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Expected Publication: August 27th 2014


I fuck them. I use them. I pay them off. I find another. My demands are never denied. My contracts are always signed. They submit to me. Willingly. Completely. Temporarily. This is how it’s always been.

Until I saw that filthy tweet.

@VaughnAsher My bare pussy. Your tongue. #ThingsIThinkAboutToGetOff 

“FilthyBlueBird” thinks she can tease me with hashtags and then hide behind a Twitter handle? She thinks I wouldn’t be more than happy to #RockHerFilthyWorld? She’s wrong.

Her online fantasy is about to collide with her public reality, and it’s about to happen… now.
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I tried to wait… seriously… I didn't want to have to wait for LIKE, but I knew I was missing something, so I picked it up… HOLY HELL! I knew FOLLOW would be fun going from the blurb and I was not let down for one second! There's a lot of sexual tension, a little naughtiness and a whole lot of bickering! Yep, definitely my kind of book! I think I read the whole thing with a smile on my face!

Grace… Well I love her! She is a confident and fun girl who has crushed on Vaughn Asher for three years. She has dirty tweeted about him and is a tweet queen! When she meets him face to face she is willing to do almost anything to be with him, even for just one night.

Vaughn wanted Grace from the moment he saw her, but he soon learns she is not like the normal women he has. He wants her to submit to him, but she defies him at every turn. It was so entertaining to see Grace push his buttons, I could see that she truly wanted to please him, but it isn't in her nature to give all control over to someone she doesn't know.

FOLLOW was a fantastic beginning to the Social Media series! I loved both the characters and the direction of the story. It lightly touches on the D&s relationship and I felt it to be a believable beginning to that type connection, especially since one of the parties has not been in a situation like this before. I loved how Grace fought Vaughn and how he liked it when she wouldn't do as she was told. There were a few times I could see he pushed too hard and I just wanted to clip Vaughn up the side of his head. I loved how Grace stood up for herself in these situations and didn’t let him walk all over her.  The ending wasn't as big of a cliffie as I thought it would be (which I am happy about), but I am still keen to get my hands on LIKE to see what happens now and get more answers to Vaughn Asher!! 

Series Release Dates
27th August- #1 FOLLOW
th September - #2 LIKE
24th September - #3 BLOCK
8th  October- #4 STATUS
22nd October- #5 PROFILE
5th November - #6 HOME

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  1. I'm so tempted - but I wait until the whole series is released or else I might go into withdrawal lol ! Great review;)

  2. Huss certainly knows how to write some steamy books doesn't she?! Glad you loved it, I want to read it and soon. :)

  3. Grace's confidence sounds like a character I could love to read abotu

  4. I just adore books with good sexual tension and bickering! The storyline also sounds interesting; the concept would be something that would definitely hold my attention!

    Lovely review!!!

  5. You still should but them on preorder for 99c, she will put the prices up. The first is on NetGalley... *wink*

  6. I hope you get onto it! It is awesome!

  7. Thanks!! I loved it, I tell ya! Such a good read... bring on LIKE!!

  8. I just did, thanks for the tip :)

  9. Liz loaned me this one and I read it yesterday. I liked it, but wanted to strangle both of them at times. Asher definitely needs to be taken down a few notches, and it looks like Grace is doing that. Hopefully. lol.

  10. I was curious about this one. I'm so glad you loved it.

  11. I'm glad you liked it! I hope you read the rest. I love Huss, but you knew that!

  12. I did! It was a helluva lot of fun! Cannot wait for more!!

  13. Sweet!! I'm so glad you loved this as much as I did, Naomi. I love Grace's strength and I love Vaughn's ass-ness. (yeah, I just made up a word) The bickering and sexual tension is just awesome. And it was just a lot of fun. So yeah, exactly what you said! LOL

  14. Itara @ My Midnight FantasiesSeptember 9, 2014 at 6:32 AM

    Great review! I really wanna read this now, I hadn't read the blurb I had just seen the cover all around facebook. This series looks like it's going to be really good.

  15. Thanks Brandee!! It was AMAZING!! I loved it, wanted more immediately and I am staying away from teasers because I want it to all shock me in one hit!!
    My friend Liz is onto this series now... her first HUSS book, you know she is getting hooked *wink*

  16. OMG Yes it is! You would love it! The preorders are 99c so get onto them before she puts the prices up on release day!!


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