Review - Hell’s Gate by Benjamin Daniels

Title: Hell’s Gate
Author: Benjamin Daniels
Series: The Seventh Seal #1
 Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
Published: October 29th 2012

Book Description

The gates of hell are open. Angels and Demons fight for our mortality and dominance of earth. The rapture diminishes the human population and very few remain to defend what God gave us. It is up to the angels to fight the war, the humans to survive and the druids to protect the earth.

Cole wants nothing more than to be left alone until the war is over and see who wins. He doesn't care for rules of any kind and least of all to choose a side. Fate however has different plans for him. His only friend is being held hostage by a demon with a plan to win the war and return the earth to what it once was. It is up to him to rescue her with the help of a fallen angel who comes to his aid to ensure his survival.

The druids are the only ones who can save his friend but have an agenda of their own. The demon is demented but has the best intentions for what she believes. Cole finds his self lusting after the fallen angel and must choose between her and saving his friend. The problem is that he doesn't know who he can trust to make sure everyone comes out alive.

Armageddon is here and where will our souls go; heaven, hell or return to the earth? The only thing known for sure is Cole will die to know the answer.

My Review

I was contacted by the Author, Benjamin Daniels, to review this book. He told me that the proceeds that he gets from the sale of Hell’s Gate he donates to charity. So I read the description and thought that it sounded like a good read as I enjoy stories involving Angels and Demons. What I really found was a well written book, with an addictive plot that was full of action!! And if you have read my reviews before, you know how much I crave action!

Cole is a human and he works at a bar for his friend Nikki. The difference between his world and ours is that his is filled with Angels and Demons who have bought their fight to earth and humans have been the casualties. Most of the remaining humans have moved to the larger cities to seek the protection of Angels. Cole has stayed behind and is trying to live his life as normal as possible. When Cole is called into work, Nikki is abducted and Cole is attacked. A Fallen Angel comes into the bar and life as he knows it is about to take a massive change, again. He has to work with Vera if he wants to get Nikki back. Together they need to confront Demons and Druids and try not to get themselves killed in the process.

Knowing that this book is written by a male author makes it more believable being told from Cole’s POV. Cole is a typical guy and has all the thoughts that I think a male has. He is not shy about checking out a girl, even down to her ass and has all these cheeky thoughts when doing so! He doesn’t over think things, once he makes a decision he goes with it, no second guessing, just action. He doesn’t like to be told what to do and wants to keep his male pride intact. He is quite modest, but from the description I found Cole very attractive and very much a bad-boy; loves his guns, knives and sword, rides a motorbike and wears a duster…… yep, he can come visit me any day!!

Vera has an agenda which she is keeping secret from Cole. She only discloses information to him when needed but then he doesn’t like to ask questions either. Vera and Cole have an easy relationship and are comfortable in each other’s presence.  If Armageddon wasn’t on their doorstep, I’m sure they would’ve acted on their chemistry immediately. However, something big is approaching and they need to save the world first!!

When I read a book, I like to be kept stimulated with conversations and action. Hell’s Gate has plenty of action, but it is not packed with talking. Cole usually engages in conversation when he needs answers as he tends to be the quiet type. However, the way the author has written Hell’s Gate kept me intrigued and I wanted to know more.

I found the plot amazing and I was captivated almost immediately. The author is very descriptive and I felt like I knew exactly what he was telling me.  The combination of using Angels, Demons, Druids and humans kept me guessing as to the direction of the story. There are plenty of fighting scenes with heads rolling, removal of limbs and lots of gunfire, and I loved it!! I had plenty of questions that were left unanswered by the end of the book as Cole is still in the dark about a lot of things too. Cole’s journey is only just beginning and I am excited to see where things head now!!

All proceeds from the sale of Hell’s Gate will go to the Miami Project.

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  1. Great review Naomi! Definitely caught my attention.

  2. Thanx Marilyn! Thought you might enjoy it!

  3. This sounds good and I am so glad that despite the lack of talking that you found it engaging. Awesome review Naomi!

  4. Thanks heaps Kimberly!! I really did enjoy it.... Book 2 Exsilium was awesome too!!


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