Review Policy

At the moment, I am scaling back on accepting review requests. I get many requests and I simply do not have time to read them all, as well as go about my normal life. Please feel free to submit a request to me, through the new Google Form below, and if I think I would like to read it and it's suitable for my blog, I will get back to you.

I am open to other avenues of promotion too. If you would like to submit a guest post, excerpt or spotlight feature and I think it is something I would like to feature, please go to the Promotion Tab and fill in the Google Form. I will let you know if I think your book is suitable and I will need all materials at least 4 weeks prior to the posting date. If I don’t have all the information in time, I will not chase it up and your post will be deleted from my calender.

If I have worked with you before, please still submit a request through the Google Form and let me know what I have read and what you would like me to review now. I am happy to continue on with authors if it worked out well the first time!!

I like to read Young Adult, New Adult or Adult books in the following genres:
Contemporary Romance
Urban Fantasy

I post all reviews to Amazon, Goodreads and my Blog. I will post elsewhere if requested.

I will include the Goodreads Summary in my reviews unless asked otherwise. Each book review will get a rating out of 5.

If you need any further information please contact me at nomispp @ gmail . com