Beauty and the Blitz by Sosie Frost ~ Review & Quote-tastic

I love a good sports romance, so if I see a fun one on sale, I will snap it up! Beauty and the Blitz was a fun one too, and Sosie Frost has become an author I will keep on my radar!
Beauty and the Blitz
Title: Beauty and the Blitz
Author: Sosie Frost
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: May 10th 2016

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Shatter the slipper. Spit out the apple. Fall for The Beast.

All-star linebacker Cole Hawthorne is a beast on the field, destroying offenses one broken quarterback at a time. Though he’s a gifted athlete, his violent reputation makes him a liability to his team and a villain in the league.

As Cole’s agent, it’s my responsibility to convince the brooding loner that being traded is better than getting banished from the game. If he loses his contract, this single mom is out of a job.

So, it’s up to me to tame the beast.

But the closer I get to the ferocious monster, the harder I fall for the passionate man underneath. He’s crude and charming. Tough and sweet. Dangerous…but even he can’t resist my baby’s giggle.

Denying my feelings might protect my heart, but the trading deadline is closing in. When Cole reveals the dirty truth about the trade, I can’t let the league rip us apart.

Do I save my career…or do I protect a man who deserves a happily ever after?

Maybe no one can love a beast…
But they haven’t met Cole Hawthorne.

I was looking for a romantic comedy, yet again, and stumbled upon this story by Sosie Frost. I haven't read anything by her before, but know that I am already stalking her to see what she is writing next! I loved the story, the humour and the romance that developed between Piper and Cole.

Pipers life took a big turn after she fell pregnant and had her daughter Rose. She was working as a sports agent at her fathers firm, and was tasked with the looking after Cole Hawthorne, and getting him to sign a Trade contract. But Cole doesn't want to be traded, he wants to stay right where he is. Piper keeps showing up at his door, trying everything she can to get him to sign. The attraction between them grew each time they were together.

It was sad to see how much of a loner Cole was; living alone, doing a lot of his training by himself in the basement, and believing that he was the beast the football league makes him out to be. He had some anger issues, but I could see that Piper had a way of pulling him out of it.

Piper was a sweet girl and an amazing mother. Everything she did she did for Rose. Working at her fathers firm was not her ideal job, but she was determined to succeed on her own. She didn't expect special treatment, and she was good at her job.

I loved seeing Piper and Cole together. They bickered in the beginning, but the sparks between them continued to grow. When Cole found out about Rose, he was a different person and seeing him with her was so sweet … my heart swelled for that man. He didn't believe he had a gentle bone in his body, but that little meatball grew on him. He would do anything for those two.

I can see that this author likes to work in families into her storyline, but let's work in a bit of contraception or the talk... It sounds like an STD waiting to happen. Despite this issue, I still enjoyed the book. If that little convo was in there, I wouldn't have an issue at all. I enjoyed the character development, the storyline and how the story wrapped up. I'm definitely trying more from this author... Especially as there are two bonus books in the back, one featuring a guy I met in this book.

This first quote was funny... a guy struggling to understand what to do with a sick child, and the second one made me swoon!

“She’s sick?” I patted my pockets for my car keys. “Do we…what do we do?”
“I’ll pull the car around. There’s probably not a doctor this late. That’s fine. I’ll get us to the hospital—”
Piper shook her head. “It’s an ear infection. Babies get them all the time. I already have an appointment with the pediatrician tomorrow.”
“So what do we do until then? What happens? She’s just supposed to…”
Break my fucking heart? Piper kissed her forehead. “I need to put her down.”
“Jesus Christ!”
“To bed, Cole.”

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“You thanked Rose for the win,” she said.
I was too tired to lie. “Just trying to impress her momma.”
“It worked.”
“I’m smooth like that.”

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Hosted by Anna @ Herding Cats & Burning Soup

Sosie Frost is no stranger to quirky, embarrassing, and wild situations, and she’s channeling all that new adult angst into fun romances.

From marching at the high school homecoming game without her trumpet (a punishment for forgetting the instrument on the band bus), to regretfully tucking her prom dress into the back of her tights before pictures, and even accidentally starting a chemical fire in the college chem lab, Sosie has the market cornered on crazy stories.

But hey, writing is a better outlet than therapy right? 😉

If you want funny, charming, and steamy romances, you’ve found the right author!

Sosie lives in Pittsburgh with her hubby, her two cats, and thrives on a near constant stream of gummy bears.

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