Release Day/Giveaway ~ Fall to You by Lexi Ryan

Today is the release day for Fall to You by Lexi Ryan. I am very excited about this series and I will share my thoughts about this fabulous book as part of the tour on the 16th June. I am very torn after reading this book and I don't think August can get here quick enough so I can see how things turn out! I have included a Guest Post from Lexi today, so you can get a behind the scenes view into the book.

Title: Fall to You
Author: Lexi Ryan
Series: Here and Now #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: June 2nd 2014

Torn between two men…

When I woke up after the accident, I couldn’t remember anything from the last year—including my relationship with Max Hallowell or anything about Nate Crane. Now my memories are returning, but instead of answering my questions, they’re leaving me with more.

The man who broke my heart and wants to be my future…

Max is all I ever wanted, and now he wants to marry me. He’ll do everything he can to fill my life with love, family, and security. I need those things now more than ever. But can I trust him?

The man who stole my heart and wants to let me go…

Nate never made me promises, and I never asked him to. I’d been on the rebound, looking for a distraction, and he made me feel beautiful and wanted when I needed to feel those things most. He says he has to let me go, but what if I can’t let go of him?

With every revelation and every passing day, I feel more like Alice down the rabbit hole. I’m falling. Who will catch me?

Fall to You is the second book in the Here and Now series. It is not a stand-alone and is intended to be read following Lost in Me. Hanna’s story concludes in book three, All for This.
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FALL TO YOU will be on special at $2.99 on release week only, then the price will increase to $3.99.
Also, LOST IN ME will be .99 cents for the duration of the June release and tour. For anyone who hasn't started the series yet, this is a great chance to start if interested in FALL TO YOU.

What If You Had to Choose? Why I Heart Love Triangles

I am so incredibly lucky. I get to spend my days writing down the stories in my head—pretty much my favorite thing to do—and then people read them and write me to let me know what they thought. After Lost in Me, Book 1 of the Here and Now Series, released, the comment I heard the most was some variation of, “I usually hate love triangles, but…” To say I made you enjoy a trope that you usually dislike, is a huge compliment, so thank you!

But personally? I freaking FLOVE love triangles! I’m addicted. My favorite movies and books all seem to be love triangles. Sometimes the “better guy” is obvious and sometimes he’s not. Sometimes there’s a love triangle and the third party isn’t even around—maybe he’s dead or overseas—but that doesn’t change the heart of what makes a love triangle story work.

Here are a few of my favorite love triangle movies:

While You Were Sleeping? How can you resist the whole forbidden chemistry with the (supposed) fiancĂ©’s brother? The conflict is built in and everyone loves Jack and wants her to end up with him, but he’s such a freaking good guy, he’s not going to do anything to get in the way of what he thinks she wants.

She asks, “Can you give me any reason why I shouldn't marry your brother?”
And my heart just tears into two when he says, “Oh... I can't.”

Love Actually? If there’s a scene that inspires belly butterflies more than the scene where he comes to the door with those signs, I haven’t seen it! The selflessness of the guy who lets go so the girl can move on is super hot. If you haven’t seen it, here’s what the signs say:

With any luck, by next year - I'll be going out with one of these girls. [shows pictures of hot models] But for now, let me say - Without hope or agenda - Just because it's Christmas - And at Christmas you tell the truth - To me, you are perfect - And my wasted heart will love you - Until you look like this. [shows picture of a mummy] Merry Christmas.

And come on…Twilight? That whole series was 400-times more addictive because of the whole Bella-Edward-Jacob thing. (And, confession, I was totally Team Jacob, but that’s a post for another day.)

Two amazing guys in love with the heroine? Yes, please.
All of the naughty forbidden chemistry? Yes, please.
The angsty gut tugging of not knowing how she’s going to choose? Yeah. I’m all over that.

So…love triangles. Love ’em or hate ’em?

Once a college English professor, I now write full time. I live in rural Indiana, where, when I'm not writing, I get to hang out with my husband and two kids--a six-year-old boy and a two-year-old hellion, er, girl. Not surprisingly, reading and writing remain my favorite activities, though both come in bits and pieces these days, not the big hunks of time I enjoyed before I had children. When I'm feeling virtuous, I like to go running (I use that word liberally. I'm really, really slow) or do yoga. Don't worry, I'm always careful to balance out such activities with a hearty serving of ice cream or a chocolate martini.

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  1. I have a love / hate relationship with love triangles. It really depends on each author's individual spin. Twilight is a given of course, and you can never go wrong with Love Actually. Thanks for the chance!

  2. This sounds sooo good. Thanks for sharing the guest post

  3. I know! This one has me seriously torn. I thought I knew who I'd pick after the first book, but this book has wrecked me!! I am going to be shattered either way!!

  4. It has been so good! I can't believe this is the first series that I have read of Lexi's!

  5. I was just saying below that this one has me on the fence. I am going to be shattered either way she goes... OMG!

  6. Great guest posts, and the movies and books you mentioned all had good triangles. It works when there is a strong story wrapped around the triangle

  7. Honestly, I don't mind love triangles when they're done well. I know for a fact they occur in real life. I just happens sometimes. I don't know why people are so crazy about you can only love one person at a time. Bull, I love a lot of people in different ways at the same time.

  8. *haha* When she puts it that way, yeah, I DO love love triangles. Those movies are a few of my favs and I love Twilight (Team Edward). ;) That is a great guest post! Thanks Lexi and Naomi!

    So I one-clicked Lost in Me last month, Naomi (because you *made* me) and I guess now I need to one-click Fall to You. AND I need to make time to read them! *ha*

  9. Great post! I love a good triangle too, and those are definitely great examples. While You Were Sleeping is the BEST ;)

  10. I think so too. And I am torn about this triangle... The guys are great!

  11. I don't mind them either... it keeps me in suspense!! And I love a lot of people in different ways too. Geez, I was that emotionally drained when I was pregnant with my third kid and said to my friend, with tears in my eyes, I don't know if I have enough love for another one.. but you do! I have it in spades!! lol

  12. I love Twilight too! It was awesome and Lexi does make a good point!
    I hope you read them, but I reckon you should wait until closer to August, so you are not hanging, like I am!! ARGH!!

  13. They are fab examples! I don't mind them either... oh, the suspense!!

  14. Oooh! I liked that! :D Really awesome guest post!! :D In all actuality... I hate love triangles! BUT if done right I can totally handle them and sometimes even enjoy them :D


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