Review/Book Tour – 3 Sides to a Circle By Jolene Perry and Janna Watts

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Title: 3 Sides to a Circle
Authors: Jolene Perry and Janna Watts
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
Published: 2013

Book Description

Love is the ultimate rush.

Freshman year of college isn't easy. But with a friend like Libby Patterson, it is unforgettable.

Libby is honest and fearless and adorable. She's the girl on campus that everyone knows. The life of every party. Infectious and addictive, Libby captivates all those around her. Particularly her roommate Honor and their boy bestie Toby.

But three isn't always a magic number. And there's more to this trio than what everyone sees.

When Honor finds herself falling for an artist, and Libby doesn’t approve, and Toby finds himself watching Libby more than he should...the sides of their circle become strained.

The three are suddenly stretched between friendship, love and taking sides. They must fight to hold on to each other. But the tighter the hold, the harder it gets. Especially when Libby's unpredictability turns dangerous. Now it's up to Honor and Toby to save her from the downward spiral that could break their circle for good.

My Review

When I read the blurb about this book I thought that it was going to involve a love triangle. But once I started reading it become somewhat deeper. It is a story about 3 completely different people with unique personalities who form a friendship that is hard to break. They have moved to a new town, away from their families to start their first year of college.

Honor is an only child, she is beautiful and smart, but she is quite reserved. She almost goes into shock on meeting her roommate, Libby as they are definite opposites. Libby is bubbly, crazy and never holds back. She speaks her mind and is very popular on campus. Honor and Libby stumble into Toby as he is checking out his apartment across the hall from the girls and Libby immediately takes him under her wing. Their friendships become strong and no matter what gets thrown at them, they seem to be able to help each other through everything.

Libby is a bit overwhelming at times and there were plenty of times that I would’ve kicked that friendship to the curb, but Honor is not the type of person to do that to someone who has helped her so much. Libby is the one person who brings out the true nature of her friends, but is closed off about herself. Toby is a quiet nerdy boy, but he is still a guy and has those naughty thoughts about girls (especially when Libby locks Honor in a kiss…), but when he is with the girls another side of him emerges. When this trio get together you know something wild is going to go down!!

I enjoyed this book and it had so much emotion rolled into the story; gut wrenching sadness, laugh-out-loud happiness, friendship, love and dishonesty. All of the characters need to overcome their fears and make a lot of life changing decisions during their first year of college. Their relationships often become strained but in the end they know that they are always there for one another. The alternating POV’s between Honor and Toby were well written and I’m happy we didn’t see into Libby’s mind, because that would’ve been crazy! The authors have written an amazing book and I look forward to any future books they may write together!

I received a copy of this book from the authors in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Despite Libby's annoyance this sounds like a great read with some intense moments. Wonderful review Naomi!

  2. Oh yes!!! A few very big intense moments! Fun read!!


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