Review ~ Red & Wolfe, Part II by Ella James

Red & Wolfe, Part II (Red & Wolfe, #2)Title: Red & Wolfe, Part II
Author: Ella James
Series: Red & Wolfe #2
Genre: Erotic Romance
Published: May 21st 2014

Return to Rabbit Island for the erotic second installment of Red & Wolfe. It's nothing like part one. It's WAY filthier. Grab your extra panties and prepare to meet the big bad...well, you know.
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Part II continues immediately after Part I ended and I liked how there was no time gap in-between. I saw how sizzling both Red and Wolfe were and the passion between them is definitely growing.

I saw more of Wolfe’s private life in Part II and I liked getting to know him a little better. More of his dominant side came out and his sexual preferences, and I must admit, it had my heart racing! I liked how Red took her time with him and was eager to get direction from him. They are a compatible couple and I want to see more of them together.

From what I can see, both of their secrets and pasts are going to catch up with them and things are going to get exciting! I am looking forward to reading the next instalment… soon! 

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  1. Oh I would SO grab if it wasn't a serial. I'll have to wait until they're all out. Sounds pretty dang good though!

  2. They are all out now, and they really are pretty good. I just finished the 3rd on a GASP!!

  3. I have the first books and maybe the whole series on a boxed set, I'll have to check. Thanks for sharing, I love filthy stories lol ;)

  4. Great review, Naomi! I'm glad you're liking this serial. :) Reading this, for whatever reason, made me realize I still haven't posted my reviews of 3 & 4! I'll have to get on that. ;) I'm hoping you enjoyed part 3 and let me know when you're ready for part 4.

  5. Hehe... it has been a pretty sizzling one!

  6. I did enjoy part III, and will let you know when I'm done. It is pretty fun and I am keen to get onto the final one after that ending!!


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