Nomi’s Weekly Wrap Up 115

Nomi’s Weekly Wrap Up is a combined meme with the Sunday Post hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer, Bought, Borrowed and Bagged hosted by Braine @ Talk Supe and Stacking The Shelves hosted by Tynga’s Reviews. I’ll share news, post a recap of the past week and tell you what will be happening on my blog in the week ahead. I will also tell you about the books and goodies that I have managed to pick up.
This week I have some news! I am now Trisha Wolfe’s Personal Assistant. I really want to explore another side of the book world and hope to get Trisha’s NA series out there for everyone!! I have a lot of ideas and I will share them here, when I can! I still plan on running my blog just like it was before!!

On the blogging front, I have still been doing a lot of reading and posting. The blog is looking pretty good for the Dec/Jan period! I am so happy to be ahead so that I can read some books I have been hanging to read!

My assessment is almost finished!! I have to transfer it onto the final copy, scan it, send it and then I am done!! Whoo hoo!

And… we bought a new couch! It is so comfy and it’s great to sit in the new reclines to blog!! *wink*
Review/Giveaway ~ Rampant by Gemma James
Review/Giveaway ~ Wild by Sophie Jordan
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Release Day Review ~ The Seek by Ros Baxter

Waiting On Wednesday ~ Princess of Thorns & The King
Swoon Thursday ~ Hemy by Victoria Ashley
Review/Giveaway ~ Undesired Lust by Eden Summers
Release Day Review ~ The King by Tiffany Reisz
Release Day Blitz/Giveaway ~ Fragile Reign by Stacey O'Neale
Review ~ All Lined Up by Cora Carmack
Review ~ Play Me Wild (Play Me #1) by Tracy Wolff
Review ~ Play Me Hot (Play Me #2) by Tracy Wolff
Review ~ Play Me Hard (Play Me #3) by Tracy Wolff
For Review – From Harlequin Australia

Daughters of the Storm

by Kim Wilkins

Impulse (Submerged Sun #2)

by Vanessa Garden

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What do you did you get up to last week? Pick up any goodies? Please leave a comment below with your link so I can check out yours too!!
Thanks for stopping by and have a great Week!!


  1. Congratulations Naomi! I wish you all the best for your new role.

    What course are you doing your last assessment for?

    Have a great week and happy reading.
    Sharon @ Sharon's Book Nook!

  2. Awesome news, Naomi. Congratulations on the Assistant position.
    And a new couch. We could do with one of those.

    Nice haul. Hope you enjoy your new books (while sitting in your comfy sofa).

    My StS @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

  3. WOW we are going to have a great week :) can't wait to read your review on all lined up by carmack

  4. Congratulations, Naomi! Thats exciting news indeed :) I hope you'll love being Trisha's assistant.
    You got some nice-looking books this week, and I'm sure your new couch is perfect.
    Have a great Sunday, and happy reading.

  5. Jessica @ a GREAT readNovember 24, 2014 at 12:12 AM

    Oh wow! Congrats!! That's awesome!

    And oooohhh great haul!! Feeling a little envious of Impulse! So far it doesn't seem to be headed over to the US and NG has kept the review copies subjected to just NZ & AUS. Which I can understand, but omg! Is the US ever going to get this book?! EEP!

    Happy Reading! ;)

    Here's my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  6. You are just on fire! And congratulations! How awesome is that?!

    Have a fantastic week!

  7. Yay!! I'm so excited for your new adventure in the book world, Naomi! I know you're gonna do great things! Congrats on moving ahead on your assessment and congrats on the new couch! ;) You've had a stellar week! I hope this next one is just as fabulous.

  8. I'm just now getting my blog up and running after I had to transfer it when Wordpress shut me down. Luckily I was able to transfer my content but now I'm behind instead of ahead. LOL
    I'm shopping for a new couch right now. It will definitely have recliners!
    Here's my Sunday Post -

  9. I don't know them but they look interesting! Enjoy.

  10. Itara @ My Midnight FantasiesNovember 24, 2014 at 9:18 AM

    Good for you, a lot of exciting things happening for you. I'm truly happy for you! I was looking into being an assistant but with my two kids I don't have the time, I wish I could do it though, it would be fun. And I could never say enough how I love that you're organized with your blog, I need to get back to being somewhat organized how I was. And lastly, I'm going to check out your review of Hemy. I can't wait to see what you thought :)

  11. Itara @ My Midnight FantasiesNovember 24, 2014 at 9:21 AM

    Oh and I also received the Tracy Wolff books and I can't wait to read them, I love her, She's awesome.

  12. Whew Naomi! What a week! I'm getting ready to couch shop and am so nervous! I hardly know where to start. lol

    Yay for being ahead and getting to do some reading you want. That's always a fab feeling :)

  13. daughters of storm sounds like it will be a good read. Hope you enjoy and have a good week and happy thanksgiving.

    yay for personal assistant position. Trisha is amazing

  14. Well hell, sounds like a good week to me! Now you can assist from your new couch. lol

  15. I like the sound of Daughters of the Storm. I think I'll have to check that one out as well! Hope you have a lovely day! :D

  16. I am doing a Proofreading and Editing course Sharon! Thanks for stopping by!

  17. Oh, the couch is awesome! I love it, don't want to go to bed some days!! lol And I am off to a start on the PA job.... having fun with ideas!

  18. Haha! The couch is perfect! love blogging from it!

  19. It's a shame you can't get it. It is a sweet series!

  20. I know! Thanks! I'm keen to help her out!

  21. I hope it is too. i forgot to mention the hubby got a promotion too! Such a good week!

  22. That's a shame, hope your blog is ok now. And good luck with the couch hunt!

  23. I'm looking forward to the PA job. It is pretty exciting!

  24. Thank you! I really appreciate it!

  25. Hehe! You knew I would love Hemy!
    All my kids are at school next year, so I think this role is a good fit for me!

  26. I love her too! They were great ;) There will be more, I tell you!

  27. I know! The week has been busy but awesome!
    The couch is awesome too!!
    And yes, love being ahead!!

  28. I love Trisha! She is awesome. I am going to start a group for her and will invite you as soon as I get it done!!

  29. It does look awesome!! Thanks Magen!!

  30. Bea @ Bea's Book NookNovember 25, 2014 at 3:59 PM

    Congrats on the new job, that's fantastic!

  31. Itara @ My Midnight FantasiesDecember 6, 2014 at 3:34 PM

    Oh good for you! My first goes to school next year but my girl is only 2 so I got a ways to go.

  32. Itara @ My Midnight FantasiesJanuary 29, 2015 at 9:27 AM

    good for you! :)

  33. Itara @ My Midnight FantasiesMay 3, 2015 at 6:53 AM

    I could only hope cause I love her books!

  34. Itara @ My Midnight FantasiesMay 14, 2015 at 4:20 AM

    Great cause I love her and her writing!

  35. Itara @ My Midnight FantasiesMay 14, 2015 at 4:23 AM

    My kids are going to summer school in June for a little bit & my son starts school in August. I'm so stressed out all the time cause all they do is fight but I'll catch a break now lol.

  36. Woo-hoo! Congrats Naomi! You'll have to let us know what its like, that something I've really been interested in doing.
    Enjoy your new couch! A comfy area to work and read is always great! Have a great week Naomi!

  37. Congrats on your new gig! You know where to find me if you need help :)


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