Review ~ Sweet Poison by Rachel Carrington

Sweet PoisonTitle: Sweet Poison
Author: Rachel Carrington
Genre: Romatic Suspense
Published: October 18th 2013

A calculating killer is giving new meaning to the phrase ‘cheaters never win’. Targeting married men eager to cheat on their wives, she gives them the ride of their lives and never leaves a trace of evidence. To the detectives trying to find her, she’s invisible.

Detective Jaden McKoy is tired of the pile-up of bodies she's leaving behind, but what makes his job tougher is his precinct commander. They'd shared more than cases before she outranked him, and now she wants to keep their relationship strictly professional. It’d be a hell of a lot easier if he didn’t know what that body of hers looked like underneath the lieutenant’s crisp exterior.

Lieutenant Kennedy Biltmore would have been perfectly happy if she hadn't gotten transferred to Jaden's precinct, especially considering her transfer made her his boss. For the sake of her career, she couldn't think of him as anything other than a detective. But her memory wasn't buying it.

In the search for a killer who shows no signs of stopping...or remorse, Jaden is faced with a tragedy that threatens to destroy him. Only Kennedy stands between him and the loss of everything he is. But when he becomes the killer's prey, the choice he makes could not only end his career but rip him out of Kennedy's arms forever.
I don't read a lot of Romantic Suspense stories, but as I have read a few of Rachel's other short reads I wanted to try this one too. I found it to be a great read, delving into the mystery and watching the detectives unravel this case. It was realistic and had me on the edge of my seat.

Jayden and Kennedy are both strong characters in this story and often butt heads, but you cannot deny the chemistry between them. They have spent time together before Kennedy was promoted and have cooled off the relationship because now she is his boss. When the case that Kennedy's department - and therefore Jayden - is working on hits closer to home, they have to work together to solve the mystery.

I really enjoyed how this story unfolded and we not only were able to see Jayden and Kennedy's perspectives, but the killers as well. She is a ruthless girl who will stop at nothing to satisfy her hunger. Kennedy is determined to succeed in her role and will push anyone away to ensure it happens, where as Jayden has had the prize and wants it back.

I liked both Jayden and Kennedy, they are a well suited couple and are both stubborn and don't like to back down. They often argue their points until one or the other finally wears down. They were fun to watch together, but they do their jobs well and will do everything within their power to get the job done. When this couple do make it to the bedroom, things do get steamy!! If you haven't tried a Rachel Carrington story yet, I suggest you give it a whirl and be swept away in the realistic worlds that she can create.

I received a copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Romantic suspense isn't usually my thing either, but sometimes it's fun to read something different!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  2. It is, and I really like Rachel's writing. She writes so many short stories that suck you in!!


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