Review ~ Serenading Heartbreak by Ella Fields

Serenading HeartbreakSerenading Heartbreak by Ella Fields
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This was quite an enjoyable read, watching Stevie grow and fall in love. She had her first love - Everett - and her second love - Aiden - and she had to force her heart to make a decision once Everett came back into her life. There were many times that she struggled with her love for both men and making the decision became very difficult for her.

Learning throughout the years helped Stevie grow strong and at times I was annoyed with some of the decisions that she made. Both men were polar opposites, but there was no denying that they wanted to be there for her. I knew who I wanted her to choose, but it wasn't up to me! Stevie had great support around her, and the right people to rely on through the hard times. I’m curious about some of the other characters that we met, and I can tell you that I want more from this world!

Title: Serenading Heartbreak
Author: Ella Fields
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: September 24, 2019

“Things don’t change just because we want them to, Clover. Why can’t you see that?”
“Because all I see is you.” His chest heaved, and so did mine, and then our lips collided.
My first love was my brother’s best friend.
A lead singer in their band.
A picture of rugged perfection.
And a drunk soul mate who couldn’t commit.

My second love was an arrogant baseball player.
A player in every sense of the word.
A smooth-talking, reliable best friend.
And a chance at something beautiful and true.

The problem with having a first and second love?
That would be loving them at the same time.
My story isn’t some sexy triangle.
It’s exquisite agony.
Fate gave me two men to love, but none of us knew which one I could keep.

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