Review ~ Glint by Raven Kennedy

Glint (The Plated Prisoner, #2)Glint by Raven Kennedy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I liked watching Auren grow throughout this read. She spent a lot of time travelling and being herself outside of a cage. After seeing some instances where she was mistreated, it was good to see her develop some different relationships.

I was intrigued by the characters in Fourths army - Judd, Lu, Osrik, Keg and Rip - and how loyal they were to King Ravinger. I liked the way they all challenged Auren and the connection that was developing between her and Rip. There were a few twists, and I had some suspicions, but I was kept on my toes till the end. There wasn't as much action as the first book, but there was plenty of story building which kept me hooked until the end! You know I jumped into the third book immediately!

Title: Glint
Author: Raven Kennedy
Series: The Plated Prisoner #2
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Published: January 11, 2021

For ten years, I’ve lived in a gilded cage inside King Midas’s golden castle. But one night changed everything.

Now I’m here, a prisoner of Fourth Kingdom’s army, and I’m not sure if I’m going to make it out of this in one piece. They’re marching to battle, and I’m the bargaining chip that will either douse the fire or spark a war.

At the heart of my fear, my worry, there’s him—Commander Rip.

Known for his brutality on the battlefield, his viciousness is unsurpassed. But I know the truth about what he is.


The betrayers. The murderers. The ones who nearly destroyed Orea, wiping out Seventh Kingdom in the process. Rip has power sizzling beneath this skin and glinting spikes down his spine. But his eyes—his eyes are the most compelling of all.

When he turns those black eyes on me, I feel captive for an entirely different reason.

I may be out of my cage, but I’m not free, not even close. In the game of kings and armies, I’m the gilded pawn. The question is, can I out maneuver them?

This is the captivating second book of The Plated Prisoner series. It’s an adult epic fantasy story blending romance, intrigue, and beautiful imagery. Return to the seductive story of magic inspired by the myth of King Midas, and get caught up in the world of Orea.

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