Wed to the Bad Boy by Kaylee Song ~ Review & Teaser Tuesday (@KayleeSong)

Kaylee Song has written a few books, and I decided to give Wed to the Bad Boy a try. It was a good read and I'm interested to read something else that she has written.
Wed to the Bad Boy (A Bad Boy Romance, #1)
Title: Wed to the Bad Boy
Author: Kaylee Song
Series: A Bad Boy Romance #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: October 26th 2015
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I never wanted a wife, but now that I have Joanna, I can't let her go...


I was a cold-hearted bastard dedicated to running the company. A good one-night stand was better than any relationship, but Jo rocked my world and brought me to my knees.

Then her uncle, the crime king... of the East-Coast, forced me to marry her. Now she's stuck with me and I'm the last thing she needs.

But I can't stop wanting her.


My life was perfect. Planned. Until I met Greyson. He tricked me into sleeping with him, but I didn't expect to fall for him

Now I'm his property and I can't get away.

He's such a f*cking monster, and I can't help but want him.

***This is a standalone novel with an HEA ending and your copy of Wed to the Bad Boy includes a BONUS BOOK! Rage, Book 1 of the Fire and Steel Motorcycle Club Series!***

Wed to the Bad Boy was a 99 cent bargain I picked up last year, when I was going through my bad boy stage, which I finally decided to read! This story was set around the Mob, and a feuding family that pushes them together. It wasn’t a very dark read but had enough moments that had you guessing what was going on.

Joanna was working for the Fitzgerald family to pay off her father’s debts. She was feisty but managed to stay under the radar for a while, until she caught the eye of Greyson Fitzgerald when he was being dealt a punishment. I liked seeing the banter between Joanna and Greyson; she tried to stay away from him, but he kept drawing her in.

Greyson is a ruthless killer, but seemed to switch off when he was with Joanna. She drew another side out of him and when these two hit the sheets it was hot! Greyson pushed Joanna to her limits and I could see they were both falling hard, but didn’t tell one another their feelings.

There were a few hiccups along the way – a half brother, a pushy uncle wanting to bring the Fitzgerald Company down and a father manipulating his sons. So it wasn’t an easy journey for Greyson and Joanna. I didn’t like how Joanna turned to putty once she got with Greyson, I wanted to see her push him more and show that they were compatible for one another.

Wed to the Bad Boy was a good read, but didn’t blow me away as I hoped it would. I hadn’t read a mob book in a while and wanted to get into the dark world that usually comes with it. This book didn’t really have any dark moments, a bit of drama, a quick, intense romance and a good storyline. I would like to try more from this author to see if she can win me over with something else.

My copy of Wed to the Bad Boy actually had another story in the back (Rage), which I did not realise until I got to the epilogue, 43% into the book. That little detail should’ve been advertised on the front of the book, a little heads up would’ve been nice. Unfortunately I haven’t read it as yet and will return to it in the future.
I really liked it when Greyson declared his feelings to Joanna!

“You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, Joanna. I try not to look but my eyes are drawn to you every time. It doesn’t matter if we are in a room full of people or if it’s just the two of us. You have me under some kind of spell.”

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Kaylee Song is the Authoress of the Fire and Steel Series. She specializes in Paranormal, Contemporary, Dark, and Historical Romance.

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