Dirty Shame by Tess Oliver ~ Review & Swoon Thursday (@Tess_Oliver)

This is the first book I've picked up by Tess Oliver, and I really enjoyed it. Kellan was yummy to read about, I tell ya! 
Dirty Shame: A Bad Boy Romance (Bluefield Bad Boys Book 1)
Title: Dirty Shame: A Bad Boy Romance
Author: Tess Oliver
Series: Bluefield Bad Boys #1
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Published: January 28th 2016

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We were prisoners of forbidden love, just like Romeo and Juliet but without the poetic, old English double speak and Italian marble balconies

A coal miner’s son, Kellan Braddock always knew he’d follow in his late dad’s steel toed boots. He also always knew that he’d never love anyone as much he loved Rylan Merritt. But sometimes love isn't enough.

Seven years ago, Rylan Merritt left Bluefield Ridge with her heart in tatters. Now she’s back. And Kellan Braddock, the boy from the wrong side of the tracks, the boy who she loved beyond anything has grown into a man. Will she risk her heart again?

The story of a first love so strong it never fades.

I haven’t read anything by Tess Oliver before and decided to snap up this beauty while it was on sale. I was quickly drawn into the story and the drama of small town politics in Bluefield.

Rylan decided to return home after an incident with her fiancé. She wasn’t exactly heartbroken but was ready to move on. She wasn’t eager to see her ex-boyfriend again, but due to the small town she lived in she knew it was inevitable. When they crossed paths again I could see that the old sparks were still there, which only grew the more time they spent together.

I liked Rylan, but I thought she was a little naïve at times. I wished she would just stand up for herself and be direct when talking to people to get to the bottom of everything that happened. Her mother tried to take over her life and kept pushing her about her ex-fiancé, she took a long time to get to the bottom of Prom night and quickly fell into old routines.

Although Kellan is perceived as a bad boy, I didn’t think he was that bad. Sure, he slept around, fought in an illegal fighting ring, but he wasn’t overly bad. He worked hard for the mining company in town and was loyal to his friends. He was heartbroken when Rylan left, and didn’t really get over it. He really was a nice guy and I liked him a lot and I was glad he fought for what he wanted in the end. And there were people in that small town than were worse than him, I’ll tell ya!

I really enjoyed the story, watching the relationship between Rylan and Kellan grow once again. I just wished that these two could’ve communicated more after what happened at prom. A lot of their burdens would’ve been eased if they had. However, they worked hard to get back what they once had. I saw some other connections between secondary characters that will be explored in future books in the series and I look forward to picking them up.

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Hehe... isn't this the reason we all get on the back of a motorcycle?

“See, it’s not the motorcycle ride I’m after. It’s the chance to fondle the extremely hot rider.”
He laughed. His stomach muscles rippled beneath my fingers. “Then fondle away, darlin’ cause I’ve been missing those sweet hands of yours.”
I leaned my head over to see his face. “Oh? Just my hands?”
“And lips, and legs and ass and . . .”

Kindle Page 94
Originally inspired by YA Bound
Tess OliverTess Oliver is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Freefall.

She is a former teacher, who now dedicates her morning caffeine rush to writing romance instead of teaching math and reading. Tess lives in California, the land of perpetual sunshine and traffic, with her husband, kids and five dogs. She is a longtime romance junkie, who likes her hero to be an alpha with a twist of compassion and if he has long hair and rides a horse or a motorcycle all the better. She writes young adult, new adult and adult romance in both contemporary and historical settings. When she’s not reading or writing romance, she can be found hiking, vacuuming up dog hair or baking goodies for her family.

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