Unwritten by Lauren Runow ~ Review & Quote-tastic

Unwritten is Lauren Runow's debut novel, and after featuring it on the blog I decided to give it a try!
Title: Unwritten
Author: Lauren Runow
Series: Unwritten #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: September 15th 2015
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Charlie Ashley, or Mr. Ashley as his clients know him, is a high-end male escort who gets paid thousands for whatever services his clients require. He’s lived the last ten years alone, not letting anyone in, enjoying his success and provocative lifestyle.

Allison Hayes has no idea the man she is falling in love with is a male escort. She connects with Charlie through their love of music, playing a taunting game asking herself if she loves him, hates him or if she is going to save him.

After meeting Allison, Charlie enters a world where everything he knows no longer makes sense, leaving him too scared to move forward, yet making it impossible to look back. But can he give up his entire life for love?

I hosted Unwritten on my blog a little while back, and received a copy of the book as a thank you from the author. After reading the description, I was excited to get into it and meet Charlie – the sexy-as-sin male escort – and see him fall for Allison – a student studying photography at the Academy of Art.

I really enjoyed the getting to know both Charlie and Allison. They have so much in common: their love of music and their passion for CrossFit are just the beginning! They flirt easily and are comfortable with each other in no time. Sparks fly and their connection gets stronger each time they meet. But Charlie’s secret is always on the edge, and he still has a job to do. He struggles to live two separate lives and eventually something has to give. I’m glad things with Allison didn’t progress too far until he made that final decision.

There were a few twists thrown in that shocked me. I kind of figured Allison would be tied deeper than I originally thought, and I was fine with that twist. I really wanted Charlie to grow a set and fight for what he wanted. He gave in too easily and his lapse in judgement lead to stupidity that should never had happened. Then another twist and the book took a suspense-filled turn… that should’ve been it, in my opinion! Allison and Charlie struggled after that, but slowly were able to find their groove again (although I wasn’t happy with what happened when they hit a night club, like seriously, you don’t need that!!). But anyway… When a third perspective was introduced, I was like, ahhhh hell no! * Insert eye roll here* Of course that twist had to bite them in the butt!

Honestly, I enjoyed about 60% of this book. I liked the way the author introduced me to the characters, their world and the difficulties they had, by telling the story from both Allison and Charlie’s perspectives. I liked how they had so much in common, although their relationship was not easy and they had a few hurdles. Their trip to Paris was fun and Charlie was able to find something else that he could make a career out of. But a few twists and a crazy woman made it a little too unbelievable for me. I knew the story would end on a cliff hanger, so wasn’t surprised when the story ended. However, I'm curious to know what happens next, so I may still pick up the next book.
This is a sample of what happened when the sexual tension became too much for Charlie!

Oh fuck it.
I walk toward her with authority, my mind is made up and there’s nothing going to stop me from kissing her.
I hold my hands up to her face, sliding my fingers through her hair as I lean in to wrap my lips around hers. Passion rips from my lips and overcomes her as she kisses me back.
Slightly moaning from my touch, she melts in my hands. I know she feels this, too. I’m not sure what it is but I know I’ve never felt it before and it’s fucking unreal.

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Lauren Runow is a lover music and songs that speak to her or make her dance. She is a graduate from the Academy of Art in San Francisco and lives in Northern California with her husband and two wild and crazy boys. If she’s not at her local CrossFit, reading or working on the community magazine her husband and her publish together, she’s at the baseball field with her boys or taking them to the skatepark. You can connect with Lauren at Twitter and Facebook.

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