The Air He Breathes by Brittainy C. Cherry ~ Review & Teaser Tuesday

This is the first book that I've read by Brittainy C. Cherry. It was a solid introduction to her work, and I look forward to more from her in the future! 
Title: The Air He Breathes
Author: Brittainy C. Cherry
Series: Elements #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: September 25th 2015
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I was warned about Tristan Cole.

“Stay away from him,” people said.
“He’s cruel.”
“He’s cold.”
“He’s damaged.”

It’s easy to judge a man because of his past. To look at Tristan and see a monster.

But I couldn’t do that. I had to accept the wreckage that lived inside of him because it also lived inside of me.

We were both empty.
We were both looking for something else. Something more.
We both wanted to put together the shattered pieces of our yesterdays.

Then perhaps we could finally remember how to breathe.

I grabbed The Air He Breathes after seeing it come up in my suggestions on Amazon. There were so many 5 star reviews that I had to see what the hype was about. Now that I’m done, I felt it was a good read, but it didn’t blow me away, like I hoped it would.

Tristan’s story was heartbreaking! I had tears in my eyes knowing the love that he had was in jeopardy. He turned into a cold and angry man and given the circumstances, I would probably feel the same. Lizzie also felt loss and decided it was time to move back to her home and pick up her life once again. Her first encounter with Tristan is not a pleasant one, but she can see past the bitterness and anger to the broken guy beneath.

I liked watching the relationship between Tristan and Lizzie develop. They have more in common than either of them realise, which I kind of guessed early on. Tristan snapped out of his funk quite quickly when he was with Lizzie, but it seemed to work for their relationship. They slowly built a connection and Lizzie would go out of her way to cross paths with him.

The Air He Breathes was a sweet love story, where the two main characters suffered loss and were able to find comfort in one another. They spoke about their tragedy and helped each other through the tough times. But after promises were made, they withdrew from one another, which irked me a little. There was a character that I didn’t like very much, Tanner; he was annoying and held onto the past. But the twist near the end I felt wasn’t necessary but it did add an element of suspense to the story. I thought the story was good enough without that twist though, and his thread could’ve taken a different turn. But despite these hiccups, it was a good read that tugged at my heart and made tears well in my eyes.
Hehehe... this was a funny moment! Love when a quote features a book!! 

“I noticed a certain Fifty Shades of Grey book in your hands when I last cut the grass.”
My cheeks reddened, and I shoved him. “Don’t judge me, it’s for my book club. Plus, it’s good.”
“I’m not judging. Okay, well, I am. Only a little, though.”
“Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.” I smirked.
“Oh? And how much of it have you actually tried?” He gave me a smug look, and I swore my cheeks were on fire.

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Brittainy CherryBrittainy Cherry has been in love with words since the day she took her first breath. She graduated from Carroll University with a Bachelors Degree in Theatre Arts and a minor in Creative Writing. She loves to take part in writing screenplays, acting, and dancing--poorly of course. Coffee, chai tea, and wine are three things that she thinks every person should partake in! Brittainy lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her family. When she's not running a million errands and crafting stories, she's probably playing with her adorable pets.

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