Secret Confessions: Backstage – Theo by Zaide Bishop ~ Review & Teaser Tuesday (@EscapePublisher, @HarlequinAUS)

I read the Secret Confessions: Backstage series back in August, and I have only posted one of the reviews on my blog. I decided that now was a great time to bring you the rest of the reviews, since they are now out in a bundle! This one was hot! Meet Theo!
Title: Secret Confessions: Backstage - Theo 
Author: Zaide Bishop
Series: Secret Confessions: Backstage #4
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Published: September 24, 2015

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An All-Access pass to Sex, Love, and Rock ‘N Roll. Because what happens on tour doesn’t always stay on tour…

From Australia to the World…

Chicago. The last stop of their wildly successful US tour sees Australia’s biggest rock band, The Screaming Tuesdays, in sultry, summertime Chicago to play two sold-out shows. But the stage is not where the action is, and no one knows what goes on behind the scenes...

It’s just supposed to be a fan meet-and-greet. Theo’s done them before, he’ll do them again, and he’s got Rei and Sawyer to back him up. But when fan club president Andi decides that they all need to work out their issues in a very unconventional way, Theo can’t decide if she’s a nightmare or his very deepest fantasy come true…

Theo’s story finally brings us to the band members!! The guys need to attend a meeting with some of their most dedicated fans, mingle and play nice. Sawyer makes a comment about his bandmate Rei and soon things are spinning out of control and Andi, their number one fan, steps in to fix the problem. Theo is attracted to Andi, and watches as she weaves her magic between Sawyer and Rei, with amps up the sexual experience between Theo and Andi. This story is what I expect from a band and a groupie… it’s raunchy and oh so hawt! 

Complimentary copy provided by the Publisher, via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
This scene was seriously hot! Rei has a crush on Sawyer, but Sawyer thinks he can't be with a man!

“I want to see you fuck a girl,” he said to Rei.
Rei blinked. “W-what?”
“I want to watch you fuck Andi,” Sawyer clarified.
Rei opened and closed his mouth, dumbfounded. “I don’t know if I—“
Sawyer leaned down and kissed him again, hard. “I’ll be right here.”
Rei turned to Andi and she grinned. “It’s okay, vaginas aren’t bear traps.”

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