Review ~ A Ticking Time Boss by Olivia Hayle

A Ticking Time Boss (New York Billionaires Book 4)A Ticking Time Boss by Olivia Hayle
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Olivia Hayle has become an author that I really enjoy. She writes stories that are easy to get lost in. A Ticking Time Boss was a fun read, as I watched Carter and Audrey's connection grow. These two met by chance and crossed paths again after Carter took ownership of the company that Audrey worked for. He made ruthless decisions that made Audrey question if he was the same man she first met.

After each interaction I was left smirking as the chemistry between them grew. They were entertaining to read about and I loved the banter between them. Fox wove this story perfectly and it was the perfect light and steamy read that I needed!
Title: A Ticking Time Boss
Author: Olivia Hayle
Series: New York Billionaires #4
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: February 11, 2022

The golden angel who swooped in to save me from a nightmare first date turns out to be a billionaire vulture circling the company I work for.

Carter Kingsley: My savior and ruthless corporate raider hell bent on destroying the newspaper I love. Oh, and my new boss.

His first order of business? Cut half the staff. I should hate him. Easy, right?


I met him two weeks ago, when he saved me from the most awkward first date of my life. I was looking for a way out when he strolled up in a ten-thousand dollar suit with a winning smile, and told a white lie that turned the date from hell into heavenly bliss.

I left with his number in my phone, and spent the next two weeks staying up late to text him. He's charming. Funny. Sincere.

Completely unlike the ruthless villain who comes in and carves us up.

My first order of business is to interview the new boss. But who is sitting on the other side of the desk? The man who saved and charmed me, or the one who’s threatening everything I hold dear?

Carter insists that we can still be friends, but I know that the whole situation is a ticking time bomb.

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