Tequila High by Michelle Leighton ~ Review & Swoon Thursday (@mleightonbooks)

I am a huge fan of Michelle Leighton and I am so happy that she's brought us a light and sexy read, Tequila High! I smashed through this one, like devouring a shot of Tequila myself! 
Tequila High
Title: Tequila High
Author: Michelle Leighton
Series: 100 Proof #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: November 18th 2018

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Haley Brandt isn’t the one-night-stand type, but too much tequila and a man with two sinfully black eyes left her breathless and willing to break her own rules. Her only solace was the fact that she’d never see him again.

Until the next morning when she finds out he’s her ride out of town and back to the ranch where she grew up.

Nixon Holt works with Haley’s father, so Haley makes her position clear—she doesn’t get involved with ranch employees. Ever. At nineteen, she’d learned her lesson the hard way, and it became her one unbreakable rule.

But Nixon makes his position clear, too: He’s going to wear down Haley’s defenses and he won’t stop until she breaks all her rules for him. He’s well on his way when Haley finds out the one thing that could make her hate him. Nixon is left with two choices: walk away or break all his rules for her.

Michelle Leighton is one of my all time favourite authors, so when she brings out a new book you know I am going to snap it up. Once I got my hands on Tequila High, you can bet that I devoured it during every spare moment that I had! It was a lighter read than the last few books she has written, full of sexual tension and amusing moments that will leave any reader wanting more!

Right from the opening chapters, I knew I was going to enjoy meeting Haley and Nixon! They had immediate chemistry, and although neither of them were looking for anything serious, I could see that they had a taste for one another that would keep them wanting more. Hayley spent a bit of time trying to keep Nixon at arms length, but she soon realised he wasn't going to stay away, and the flirting games began!

I loved that all the sisters and their father had a strong bond, despite Haley being away for so long. She returned home and I could see that they would do anything for one another. I liked the way that Nixon had a good relationship with them all as well, but he only had eyes for Haley. The way he became possessive of her and defended her when she needed it made me realise what they had was real, even though he didn't know it at the time. He really was a great guy, who thought he was happy until Haley turned his world upside down!

Tequila High was such a delightful read. It wasn't always smooth sailing as a few demons resurfaced to try and derail these lovebirds. However, a love like these two had was unbreakable and even time didn't diminish that fact. I'm so excited that Michelle Leighton has introduced us to a new cowboy to love, since my first read of hers was The Wild Ones (gotta love Trick!), and I've always wanted more! I can tell you that she sure delivered this one perfectly... and I want to come back to this world again! I hope we get to see all the girls fall in love and decide which direction their careers will take them!

Complimentary copy provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review.

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I have two swoons today... one was a intense kiss. The other sexy flirting!

“Just hold still.” I fist my hands in the soft material of his shirt and haul myself up onto my tiptoes. The moment I smash my mouth to his, chaos explodes all around us. It’s like fireworks in my ears. Cheering and whooping, caterwauling and howling. I feel like Rachel when she kissed Ross for the first time and the studio crowd went wild.
After a few seconds, I lean back, smiling and satisfied by my courageous efforts. Before I can pull away, though, he stops me. “Wait.”
I pause, looking up at him. His eyes pour down into mine like sweet, thick molasses. And just like that, I’m caught. Stuck. Held breathlessly.
Two words ripple through the fireworks. A warning. A taunt. “My turn.”
They land in my stomach with a boom.
One palm rises to the side of my neck, his thumb by my ear. He gives me the space of three erratic heartbeats to protest before he bends to press his lips to mine. I don’t protest because I can’t. I want this. More than I can remember wanting anything in recent years.
And he gives it to me.

Kindle Arc Loc 172

“Do you know what time it is?”
“I do. Do you?”
“Yes, it’s six forty-five. Way too early to be up exercising and grunting.”
“Early mornings are the best time to grunt. And exercise, too, for that matter.” He gives me a wink that nearly blows my robe open.

Kindle Arc Loc 531
Originally inspired by YA Bound
M. LeightonNew York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, M. Leighton, is a rarely ever comfortable speaking about herself in the third person, but here goes. Michelle is a former nurse who has always harbored a passion for the written word, a weakness for alpha males, and a profound love of all things romantic. Never in her wildest dreams did this Yankee-turned-Southerner imagine her life as it is today. She has the best job in the world, a husband who treats her like a princess, and a dog that's so smart she may one day write a novel, too. You can often find Michelle hidden away in her cave, crafting a new story, or out in the sunshine enjoying some quiet time with her man. Movies, wine, and good food are frequently thrown into the mix, and exercise on days that start with Q. She loves laughter, chocolate, the color red, and you can find out more about her at www.mleightonbooks.com. Sign up for her newsletter here: http://smarturl.it/MLeightonNews
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