P.S. I Miss You by Winter Renshaw ~ Review & Quote-tastic (#WinterRenshaw)

This was a fun, light read that I really enjoyed. I liked watching the attraction between Melrose and Sutton grow!
P.S. I Miss You (P.S. #2)
Title: P.S. I Miss You
Author: Winter Renshaw
Series: P.S. #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: September 3rd 2018

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Dear Melrose,

The first time I met you, you were a stranger. The second time, you were my roommate. The third time, you made it clear you were about to become the biggest thorn my side had ever known.

You sing way too loud in the shower and use all the hot water.

You’re bossy as hell.

You make my life all kinds of complicated.

But no matter how hard I try, I can’t stop thinking about you.

Truthfully … I can’t stop wanting you.

I was going to tell you this. I was going to sit you down, swallow my pride, hang up my noncommittal ways and show you a side of me you nor anyone else has ever seen before … but then there was a game-changing confession; a bombshell so nuclear it stopped me in my tracks.

How I didn’t see this coming, I’ll never know.


P.S. I miss you.

It'd been a while since I've read a book by Winter Renshaw, and the P.S. series has been on my radar for a while so I decided to snap this one up. This book had me a little annoyed about some aspects, but overall it was quite enjoyable, and I definitely would read more in this series!

This book had it's good moments and it's not so good moments. I really enjoyed the enemies to lover aspect, as I watched Melrose and Sutton bicker with each other. I could see that their attraction was growing and I couldn't wait for them to fall for one another.

What I didn't like was how Melrose was so hung up on Nick, he was a bit of a jerk actually and should've stayed, firmly, in the friends column! I also didn't like how easy it was for Sutton to step aside when things got hard. He did it a couple of times and I was like WTF! Fight for her you jerk!

Other than that I did enjoy this read, I liked meeting Sutton's brother and watching both Melrose and Sutton interact with him. It saddened me that Sutton carried so much guilt when it came to his brother, but Melrose helped him see that he was a good person and could do so much for him. I liked the change in Melrose, and seeing her fall for someone that wasn't Nick. I really hope I can read more from this world in the future! 

I've got two little teasers today... as he Sutton realises that Melrose is someone he wants.

I fully expected to meet a Bel-Air princess today, a junior Paris Hilton with an entitlement complex. What I got was a whip smart beauty who wasted no time putting me in my place.
And that’s … if I’m being completely honest with myself … really fucking hot.

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“Go upstairs.” Sutter leans in and speaks against my ear, voice low despite the fact that no one else can technically hear us. “I’m not done with you yet.”
I bite a half-smile and linger, debating whether or not to indulge his wishes. But it doesn’t take long for me to accept the fact that I want this release as much as he does.
“Fine,” I say. “But only because I want to. Not because you’re telling me to.”

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