Beat by Amity Cross ~ Review & Swoon Thursday (@amitycross)

I have finally picked up an Amity Cross book... and have found a new author that I love! I love the characters that's she's created and I'm excited to continue the journey!
Beat (The Beat and the Pulse #1)
Title: Beat
Author: Amity Cross
Series: The Beat and the Pulse #1
Genre: Sports Contemporary Romance
Published: October 6th 2014

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Renee "Ren" Miller was five when her Dad left to go to the shops and never came back.
Left to grow up with a cancer riddled mother, things have never been easy for a teenager who had to be wise beyond her years. Then one day they lose the battle and she's all alone.
Now twenty-two, Ren reluctantly goes to find her estranged father. He owns the down and out boxing studio Beat, and Ren finds herself drawn to the ring. She thrives on learning a new way of fighting a life that kept kicking her down...instead of struggling against the current, she kicks it right between the legs.
Then one day Ash Fuller, her Dad's star fighter comes back to town. Mysterious, handsome... Dangerous... Everything Ren doesn't need.
But he's got other ideas...
...and so does she.

I picked up Beat when it was on sale recently, and I am so glad that I did! It’s been a while since I’ve read a fighter book and Beat got me out of a bit of a lull that I was going through. It was a fast paced read that I devoured quickly as I fell head first into the MMA world and the developing relationship between Ren and Ash.

Ren finds herself at Beat, a boxing studio that her father owns, because her mother’s final wish was for her to track him down. My heart broke for her knowing what she went through and she was treated rather poorly by her father. She did manage to make some friends, the meathead twins in the gym, as well as Josie and the local coffee guy Seth. When an intruder enters the gym after hours, and Ren tries to take him out with a cricket bat, she finally comes face to face with Ash; the former star fighter that used to frequent the gym. Ren and Ash bicker constantly, and appear to dislike one another, but the sexual tension was heavy between them.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Beat! Ren was at a low point in her life and was able to find a purpose again by training and learning to fight. I loved that she was so passionate about it that she would practice after everyone had left. Ash started to come back after hours too and gave her tips, but he was drawn to her more than he led on.

The relationship between Ren and Ash was strained in the beginning; Ash was trying to deny his feelings and kept pushing Ren away, but they couldn’t stay apart forever. Ash liked to be in control and was very possessive of Ren, he didn’t want to let her into his world and he would destroy anyone who threatened to hurt her. When these two got together, it was scorching hawt! All their pent up sexual frustration exploded all over the pages and I couldn’t get enough! Ren was also able to calm the beast and anger that Ash has running through him, unlike anyone else.

This is the first book that I have read by Amity Cross, and I loved the way she sucked me into her world! Beat was actually set in Melbourne, Australia and I have been to some of the areas mentioned and I felt a connection to the story that way. She created characters that are flawed but are passionate about fighting and one another. The ending was a killer though… I need to get the next book to continue the story! 
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I loved this moment between Ash and Ren... It proved that he wanted her for good!!

“A man should protect his woman from getting hurt.”
My whole body began to tingle. “I’m your woman ?”
“Of course you fuckin’ are, Ren. I thought I made myself clear that once I got a taste, I wasn’t letting you go. I can’t.”

Kindle Page 240
Originally inspired bYA Bound
Amity Cross
Amity Cross isn't her real name. That's no secret.
She is the author of wicked stories about rock stars looking for redemption, gritty romances featuring MMA fighters and dark tales of forbidden romance. She loves to write about screwed up relationships and kick ass female leads that don't take s**t lying down.
Amity lives in a leafy country town in southern Australia and can be found chained to her desk, held at ransom by her characters.
Don't send help. She likes it.

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