Review ~ When Gracie Met The Grump by Mariana Zapata

When Gracie Met The GrumpWhen Gracie Met The Grump by Mariana Zapata
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I thoroughly enjoyed this read! It reminded me of the movie Hancock, with a Grumpy superhero who doesn’t like people but saves the world anyway. There is also Gracie, she’d been living quite the secluded life, trying to hide from her parents mistakes. These two didn’t really get along but when The Defender crashed into Gracie’s bubble she did her best to help him, despite how much they irritated each other.

The more time these two spent together I could see the connection growing. Their roles reversed when Gracie’s past caught up with her and it was sweet to see the Defender caring for her. When she merged into his world it was interesting to see the reactions of those the Defender was close to and that Gracie was able to fit in easily. I loved the banter, but Gracie was slow to realise her feelings and needed a little push.

Title: When Gracie Met The Grump
Author: Mariana Zapata
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Published: September 15, 2022

Of all the things that could have landed in her yard… it had to be him.
For most people, finding a half-naked superbeing in their yard might be a dream come true.
Unfortunately for Gracie Castro, it’s the exact opposite.
Especially when he’s grouchy, rude, and shows no signs of leaving anytime soon.
But when a hero of mankind needs you, you do what you have to.
Even if it compromises everything you know.
And totally changes your life.

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