Little Lies by H. Hunting ~ Review & Teaser (@HelenaHunting)

I have read a few books by H. Hunting before, and I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It was nice to see some old characters and to meet all the new ones!
Little Lies
Title: Little Lies
Author: H. Hunting
Genre: Sports Romance
Published: November 16th 2020

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I don’t want you.
You mean nothing to me.
I never loved you.

I turned my words into swords.
And I cut her down. Shoved the blade in and watched her fall.
I said I’d never hurt her and I did.
Years later I’m faced with all the little lies, the untruths, the false realities, the damage I inflicted when all I wanted was to indulge in my obsession.
Lavender Waters is the princess in the tower. Even her name is the thing fairy tales are made of.
I used to be the one who saved her.
Over and over again.
But I don’t want to save her anymore.
I just want to pretend the lies are still the truth.

*Little Lies is a 105k standalone new adult romance.

For those who have read H. Hunting before, you will dive into this book to meet some of the offspring from the Pucked series. Lavender and Kodiak have grown up together and know each other very well, but never took anything further... but we all could see it coming!

I liked that we were able to see some interactions from the past as well as getting the current story. Lavender and Kodiak both had their own personal issues which made some ordinary situations that much worse for them. Lavender always had the protection of her brothers and was finding it hard to spread her wings at her new school with them always around her. Kodiak was focused on his career, but having Lavender around made it hard for him. He worried about her constantly and his attraction for her continued to grow until they both almost combusted!!

Little Lies was a moving read and touched on some moments that were hard. I thought that Hunting did a beautiful job telling their story, but I did get confused by a lot of the side characters as there was so many to wrap my head around! Other than that it was quite the enjoyable read!

You just got to love the people in your life that stick up for you like this, and tell you how it really is.

“Kodiak was a douche, I called him out, we exchanged a bunch of words, and now we’re figuring things out.”
“What does that mean? Figuring things out how?”
“It’s complicated.”
“It’s really not, though. It’s always been simple, and you two just make it complicated.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
He laces his hands behind his head. “He’s been in love with you since you were kids. He just didn’t know how to love you without taking over your entire world, or letting you take over his. He needed you to be strong enough to put him in his place, and you are, which means things are finally going to be as they should.”

Kindle Page 226

NYT and USA Today Bestselling author, Helena Hunting lives outside of Toronto with her amazing family and her two awesome cats, who think the best place to sleep is her keyboard. Helena writes everything from contemporary romance with all the feels to romantic comedies that will have you laughing until you cry.

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