Glass Castle Prince by Nicole Williams ~ Review & Teaser (@nwilliamsbooks)

I adore Nicole Williams, and when I found this one, you know I jumped into it immediately! I was addicted right from the start and read it quickly! I loved Charlotte and Edward and I what to visit this world again! 
Glass Castle Prince
Title: Glass Castle Prince
Author: Nicole Williams
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: March 18th 2019

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From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Nicole Williams:

A glass castle shatters as easily as a glass house—all it takes is one stone.

Prince Edward has known this all of his life, and taken staunch measures to ensure he doesn’t give the public any reason to pick up their rocks. Or torches. Or pitchforks. As a twenty-two-year-old in line to ascend the throne, he lives more like a cloistered monk than his college-aged peers. Restraint is the tone of his life, resilience the theme.

That is, until he meets a young woman who couldn’t care less about his title—unless she’s poking fun at it. Charlotte Everly grew up a stone’s throw away from the royal family’s summer house, but her life was, and is, entirely different from the prince’s.

They clash at each turn, disagree on every topic, and bear a general contempt for one another. Until . . .

One night, accompanied by one proposal, leads to one lapse in judgment . . .

Results in a nationwide scandal neither of them will escape.

I do love a good royal read, and I absolutely adored Glass Castle Prince by Nicole Williams. It had the right mix of humour, romance and smouldering moments that had me hoping this book would never end. I was introduced to a cast of characters that I could not get enough of... It is now one of my favourite Nicole Williams read!

Both Charlotte and Edward came to Valmont to try and work out their futures. They were both a little lost and were trying to decide on which path they needed to take. What they didn't expect was each other! Their initial meeting was hilarious and I loved how Edwards friends kept lightening the mood, despite the serious situation Charlotte was in!

I could see that Edward was intrigued by Charlotte, as she was unlike any girl that he had met before. She challenged him and kept him on his toes. Charlotte was unsure of her feelings, and it took her some time to figure out who she wanted, but I could see the shift in her early. I loved seeing these two interact and exploring their chemistry and building a good friendship that turned into more.

I thought the Glass Castle Prince was the perfect Royal read and Nicole Williams delivered it perfectly. She introduced me to a world and characters that I had fun getting to know. There were numerous side characters that I would love to see again: Edwards friends, Charlotte's best friend Anne, and even Duchess Josephine! I also liked that both Edward and Charlotte had strong relationships with their parents. I really do hope we get to come back to this world again; I would love to see how Edward and Charlotte are going in the future!

Both these teasers melted my heart a little!

“Your thoughts don’t toil over vapid obsessions, nor do you seem to care much what others think.”
I rolled up onto my elbow, my forehead creasing. “Was that a nice way of saying I’m not exactly pretty?”
His back was to me as he switched off the lamp, leaving only one to fill the darkness. I watched his shoulders rise and fall as he took several breaths. “That was my way of saying that for someone who gives very little thought to beauty, I’ve never seen anyone so beautiful in my life.”

Kindle Loc 1657

“I live in a glass castle where everyone and anyone throws stones based on hearsay and half-truths. I didn’t want the same for you.”
My footsteps echoed in the pool house when I moved closer. “Let them throw their stones. I don’t shatter so easily.”
“No. You certainly don’t.” One corner of his mouth pulled. “You’re my Iron Princess, Charlotte Everly.”

Kindle Loc 2893

Nicole  WilliamsBiographies are impossible for me to write without landing somewhere in the realm of lame. Which is ironic since I’m a writer attempting to, you know, do what I do and write. For whatever reason though, trying to sum up who I am is enough to make me rock myself into a psychiatric-something in a dark corner.

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At the end of the day, I’m an open book.

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