Excerpt/Giveaway ~ Naming his Mate by M. Limoges

Today I am bringing you an excerpt from M. Limoges 17th book in the Black Hills Wolves series. After reading the blurb, it sounded like a book I would enjoy, and wanted to share it with you. Enjoy! 

Title: Naming his Mate
Author: M. Limoges
Series: Black Hills Wolves #17
Genre: M/M Romance
Published: May 1st 2015

Small-town sheriff, Mike Hadley, would love to experience a headache-free day for once in his life. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen anytime soon. While investigating a rash of disappearances and dealing with his ornery lover, he’s thrown into a whole new world he never imagined existed.

Damien Marks has finally found a place to call home in Los Lobos, South Dakota, with the Black Hills Pack. He also stumbles across something he never thought he would—his mate. Falling hard, he decides he needs to come clean and tell the truth. But will his sexy lover accept what he is?

Embroiled in a potentially dangerous situation, both men have to decide where their loyalties lie—with duty or love?
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Mike Hadley adjusted his gun holstered on the belt at his waist and tugged his jacket over the weapon, concealing it from clear view. There wasn’t any doubt he’d incite a riot if he walked inside with his piece visible.

Coming here, to this place in the middle of nowhere, shouldn’t have troubled him. He’d stepped into shittier, more unstable situations than this hole-in-the-wall bar, but damn if a thread of apprehension didn’t prickle the length of his spine as he stood outside of the entrance. One small detail kept him from strolling into the establishment like he owned the place, and he sincerely hoped that minor detail stayed home tonight.

He rolled his neck from side to side in a bid to loosen the tension in his shoulders. With an air of confidence he didn’t quite feel, he pulled open the heavy steel door and strode inside the Den.

Thirty seconds was all it took for activity to grind to a screeching halt. The drawl of a country ballad playing on the music box in the far corner thumped through the stifling air. Weighted stare after weighted stare met his gaze head on as he scanned the bar’s occupants. Their open hostility battered at his senses.

He wasn’t welcome. That much was apparent, but he would deal with it. Despite a bar full of unfriendly locals, the absence of one in particular shaved off a degree of his unease.

Of course, his anxiety hardly mattered. As sheriff of the small town of Collins, South Dakota, it was his job to investigate a rash of disappearances over the last several weeks. Unfortunately, the trail had led him to the neighboring, inhospitable town and people of Los Lobos.
Melissa Limoges lives along the Gulf Coast with her OCD cat, Mr. Tibbs. Tax assessor by day, romance writer by night, she enjoys anything coffee related, traveling, and reading happily ever afters.

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring me today! :)

  2. Oh my gosh! #17! Wow. I need to start this asap. Love that excerpt. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I love the cover. I love shifter books too. Haven't read a good one in a while, though.

  4. Thanks for joining in Naomi! I've read a couple from the series and enjoyed them. So many more to get to! Eeps!

  5. This is one of those series that intimidate all the stuffing outta me, lol. 17 is pretty big number. But the excerpt sounds excellent, and I'll bet the series is great.

  6. Hmm I don't read a lot of M/M books unless I really like the plot of the book. I love the concepts of wolves though, thank you for sharing <3 Benish| Feminist Reflections

  7. I don't read many M/M books and while it does sound like an interesting story, I'm not sure that I'd be able to get into this one. Thanks for sharing Naomi.

  8. I haven't read m/m books before, but this one sounds good! :)

    thanks for sharing!

  9. Bookworm BrandeeMay 5, 2015 at 8:46 AM

    I'm intrigued! Thanks for sharing that excerpt, Naomi. I hadn't heard of this before but I'm adding it to my tbr. ;)

    And WHOA!! I love your new look here! :)

  10. Mmmm... I love this cover as well!

  11. My pleasure! It sounds like a yummy read!

  12. I know, right! Just fantastic!

  13. I know! I feel a bit that way myself!

  14. I haven't read one before, but I have read scenes M/M... still sizzling!

  15. I haven't really given them a try, maybe one day!

  16. I agree, it caught my attention!

  17. I think it sounds good too!

    Glad you like it! Needed a change to accommodate my reading habbits!!


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