Review ~ Everlasting Sin by J.S. Cooper

Everlasting SinTitle: Everlasting Sin
Author: J.S. Cooper
Genre: NA Contemporary
Published: March 18th 2014

Hudson Blake
Tattooed. Hot. My best friend's brother. Off-limits, except for that one night.

That One Night
Cannot be spoken of. Cannot be thought of. Cannot allow myself to daydream.

That I’m going to become someone. That he can see me as someone.

To love. To forget. To believe. To taste.

To make me forget my everlasting sin once and for all.
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Everlasting Sin was a bit of a different read for me, but I really enjoyed it. The first part of the book is the building relationship between Riley and Hudson. It takes us back to the beginning, when they knew each other as children. Then each chapter jumps a few years each time so we can see certain moments in their lives that made their connection stronger. They were often sweet moments and my heart swelled with happiness for these two.

Then the incident occurred and Riley and Hudson drifted apart and you could see that both of them bared the guilt of something that really wasn’t their fault. We often sit around and second guess our decisions, but the fact is we can’t change the past, no matter how horrible it is. We need to pick ourselves up and live our lives better. It just took Riley and Hudson longer to realise that.

I liked Riley; it was nice to see her grow into the woman she is today. She still harbours feelings for Hudson, but she has not seen him since that day. When they do see each other again, things didn’t go smoothly. She tried to fight her attraction but you can see in her heart that she still loves him. Hudson has carried a lot of the guilt of that night and it seems like he is punishing himself. He has stayed away from relationships and seems to be just getting by.

It was interesting to see Riley and Hudson cross paths again and how they dealt with each other. They dropped their walls and slowly let each other in. Hudson’s best friend Luke was a character that I wasn’t sure about. He seems perfectly fine, but pushed Hudson a little too hard to get into fighting so I didn’t think Hudson really thought it through, but maybe Hudson is that talented when it comes to fighting. Overall, I thought it was a sweet read and I will definitely try another J.S. Cooper read in the future.


  1. I have a fascination with these types of relationship. I just think that the reconciliation (whether good or bad) is something to look forward to.

    Thanks for the heads up. :)

  2. Watching Riley grow as well as the relationship setup is something I could enjoy as well

  3. I'm with everyone else, I like the sound of the relationship between the characters and the way it's setup!

    Great review!

  4. This sounds pretty good - but is it super sweet? I dunno, I just find myself believing nothing is that sweet anymore LOL. It must be the influence of the dark stuff I read! But I do want to find out what happened to tear them apart! I'll keep an eye on this book, and we'll see what happens :)

  5. It is good to look forward to as you can see these two belong together!!

  6. It was set up nicely. I liked the early years... first kiss in high school and all that!!

  7. Not super sweet... there was a situation that went down and it tore everyone apart... So they were all guilty and ghad to work to get back together. It was pretty well done.

  8. Hmmm...I love the cover. I'm wondering about this drifting apart thing.

  9. Hmmmm it sounds like a sweet read but not a wow read. I do like the sound of it though and I love that cover!!!

    Chanzie @ Mean Who You Are.

  10. This sounds like an interesting read. Glad you enjoyed it. Love the cover a whole lot. Great review!!!

  11. Thanks Brandee. They were both great characters... and Hudson, yummy!

  12. Ooooh... glad I have you intrigued!!

  13. Yeah, I agree, not Wow!! But I enjoyed it.

  14. I like the sound of the character growth - particularly Riley's. And you have me curious about what happened to pull them apart - and how they managed to find their way back to one another. Nice review, girl!


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