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Title: Blood Twist
Author: Bonnie Erina Wheeler
Series: Erris Coven #2
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Published: August 25th 2012

Book Description

From Bonnie Erina Wheeler, the author who brought you Fate Fixed, comes the second installment in the Erris Coven Series, Blood Twist.

Find out what happens to the Erris Coven when Lexie's BFF Liz comes to town.

Braden Murphy knew he was going to die. There was a twist to his family secret – one that was forced upon him from the time he was a child. For years he envisioned his final days and tried to be strong enough to leave his family. Now that it was time, he was ready to make good on a deadly promise. Except for one unexpected glitch, a raven haired beauty insisted on joining him.

Liz Sanders thought her best friend’s stepfamily was weird, but she never would have guessed they were werewolves. Now Liz must travel with a secretive half-vampire in search of a lycanthropy cure. Landing in a nest full of blood thirsty vampires wasn’t on the agenda, but neither was falling in love.

Braden is tempting, but Liz’s feelings for him are complicated. She wishes he would open up about his past and give her a reason to trust him.

Just when Liz thinks she can let her guard down, she’s forced to confront the evil that has been stalking Braden’s past for years. Death is here and ready to destroy everything they've fought to save.

I have read both books in this series, but I haven't posted my review for Fate Fixed, Book 1 in the Erris Coven series on my Blog yet. I will post it soon.....

My Review

Blood Twist is a fast paced book and takes place after the conclusion of the first book in the series Fate Fixed. In Blood Twist there are two new main characters that were introduced to us in Fate Fixed, but this is their journey.

Liz came to town after she received a letter in the mail from Lexie, her BFF. Lexie wasn’t happy with her family situation and was unable to communicate via modern technology, so instead of trying to reply, Liz decided to visit instead. What Liz didn’t know was that Paranormal creatures really exist and a few werewolves just finished causing havoc in the sleepy town of Erris. Lexie’s Mother has been infected with the were virus and is rejecting the change and may die.

Braden was the first of his generation to make the change into a Vampire and has been living with a secret since he was 10. To get the cure for Lexie’s Mother, he must confront the person that has been haunting him for 8 years. Together Braden and Lexie set off to get the cure.

What I really liked about this story was how easy these two characters got a long from the beginning. Liz is the type of person who doesn’t like to beat around the bush, she is very direct with her opinions. She tends not to over think things too much and takes action were needed. Braden likes to keep some secrets, mostly about his family secret. He has a very protective nature and worries about everyone else before himself. He has an attraction to Liz but does his best to keep his feelings aside. With this coven of Vamp’s they usually dream of their Fated Partner, but Braden has never dreamt of Liz before.

Liz and Braden are thinkers, they both deal with their own feelings and work through their own emotions, without getting advice from anyone. They are brought together on this trip and learn that they have a lot in common in regards to their complicated families. It is definitely an entertaining read but I think the book ended too abruptly. It has definitely been left open for the next book in the series, Soul Kissed, which will be out 2013.




Liz wasn’t averse to flying, but waking up at the butt crack of dawn wasn’t her favorite thing either. She barely climbed out of bed when Braden knocked lightly on the front door. Fortunately, she had packed the evening before, so when he asked if she was ready to leave, she just yawned and followed him out to his truck.
At the airport, the lines were long and she just wanted to get situated on the plane. Thinking longingly of coffee, she pushed her legs to keep up with the damphyr’s quicker stride. After collecting their tickets and watching her squirm through security, Braden led Liz through the airport’s terminal at a break neck pace. As he moved with purpose, she couldn’t help but notice the tension behind his illuminating blue eyes.
Maybe he’s uptight about the time.
When they arrived at their boarding gate, she was surprised to see the plane was destined for Vancouver, Canada and not Ireland like she had expected. She gave him a questioning glance, but he just proceeded to hand over their boarding passes to the agent who was calling their row to be seated.
Riding in first class was a novel experience. When she mentioned paying for her own airfare the night before, Braden wouldn’t hear of it. She expected to be sitting in the economy section where her knees bumped the seat in front of her, but there was plenty of room to stretch out. Even as tall as Braden was, the damphyr had leg room. 
Her joy was complete when the perky flight attendant took her breakfast order and brought her coffee.  She didn’t appreciate the goo-goo eyes the bleach blonde was bestowing on Braden, but the coffee was good and made a peaceful bribe.
Wonderful, delicious, hot coffee…
Once in the air, Liz began fidgeting with a nervous excitement. She liked her window seat, but was more interested in what was going on around her. Unsure if it was due to the caffeine she slurped down or the bisque colored rubber eggs, she needed entertainment.
Liz turned to face Braden. He was sitting upright and staring straight ahead with a pensive expression. 
“Was there a reason you told your family we were traveling to Ireland instead of Canada?” she blurted.  Braden didn’t flinch. “You could have at least mentioned it to me. What if I had a strong hatred against Canadians or was banned from entering the country or something?”
“You could have refused to get on the plane,” he answered simply.
“So, is being cryptic your vampire power or something?”
Braden cocked his head to meet Liz’s gaze. “Do you have to talk so loudly? We aren’t the only passengers on this plane.”
Liz edged her face closer to his. “I really don’t think anyone cares what we are talking about.”
She sat back and studied him, “You know – you aren’t exactly what I expected of a vampire.” She caught his eyebrow go up. “Excuse me, damphyr.  You’re a bit on the preppy side.”
Leaning his head back against his seat, he sighed. “I’m sorry to disappoint.”
Liz bit on her lip. Braden wasn’t a disappointment. He was actually…cute. As far as the male species went, he had every physical feature a girl could desire and then some. He was over six feet tall, muscular, and had a handsome face. But more than that, Braden had integrity. She could see it in the way he spoke to others. Not just to his family, but to the airport personnel and to her. It wasn’t a quality she often found in other people. Especially in guys who were naturally big and strong. Somehow, he skipped the big jock ego trip. It was refreshing.
Plus he smells amazing.
She didn’t know if he had discovered the world’s best cologne or if it was natural, but she couldn’t help but notice he smelled really good. Kind of woodsy, kind of like peppermint. Whatever it was, it mixed with his chemistry and she found it alluring.
The flight attendant swooped over him, her ample chest bouncing unnecessarily close to his face as she pretended to adjust his headrest. Liz noticed Braden stiffen as his mouth tightened into a straight line. Instead of gawking, he quickly averted his eyes to Liz’s. His face appeared stripped down, almost vulnerable.
He’s hungry.
Maybe Braden was more of a vampire than she gave him credit for. 
After the woman moved on to her next victim, a man in a stylish grey suit in front of them, Braden visibly relaxed.
Liz had learned the night she met him that the coven didn’t drink from humans, only animals. Watching the serious damphyr beside her, she realized for the first time it was a choice.
 Liz leaned back over, this time keeping her voice a hushed whisper. “You don’t.”
“Don’t what?” he asked.
“You don’t disappoint,” she said honestly. “You’re just different than I expected.”
He smiled, causing her heartbeat to hasten. “What did you expect?”
She didn’t know whether to look in his eyes or at his perfect mouth. “I’m not sure,” she admitted. “I guess someone dark and dangerous.”
Braden’s hand snaked out and caught her wrist. Surprised with how quick he moved, she sat frozen and just watched as he trailed his fingers along the vulnerable flesh of her inner arm. His fingers left a wonderful warming sensation trickling deep into her skin.
“I can be dark and dangerous sometimes,” he whispered, his intense blue eyes holding her in place. The slight huskiness of his voice made her breath catch, but she gently pulled herself free from his hold.
Liz swallowed; completely stunned by the physical reaction she had to his touch. He wasn’t the first attractive guy she had ever been around, but he was the first to make her melt with a single stroke of her skin.
For a moment, she thought he would kiss her. What shocked her more was that she would have let him. 
What was it about Irish guys? The only guy she allowed herself to fantasize about was Danny O’Donoghue, the lead singer from The Script. But he was unreachable and safe to have a thing for from a distance. Braden was right beside her and leaving her acutely aware of his presence.
Sitting back in her seat, Liz willed her heart rate to slow down. The damphyr was full of surprises.

About the Author

Bonnie Erina Wheeler is a lifelong resident of New England and a University of Connecticut student.

Having grown up in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, Bonnie discovered her love of writing early on, but did not begin writing novels until May 2011. As the daughter of author, Glen William Ruane, storytelling and world building is a family affair. Bonnie’s daughter, Miranda E. L. Wheeler and son, Robert D. Wheeler, share in the family’s passion and have both published in the last twelve months.

When not in class or working on her next novel, Bonnie enjoys spending time with her husband, Jerry. Together the two have been writing their own special love story since marrying in April of 1995. Their children Miranda, Justin, and Bobby give them great joy. Their family is made complete with the addition of Petey, a Spanish water dog, they adopted from their local pound.

Bonnie’s plans for the future include writing more novels in the Erris Coven Series, as well as, writing several contemporary young adult novels that have been in development for some time.

You can stalk Bonnie online at:!/fatefixed (Fate Fixed's book page)!/bloodtwist (Blood Twist's book page)

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