Review - Lunangelique by Kristin R. Campbell

Title: Lunangelique
Author: Kristin R. Campbell
Series: Lunangelique #1
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Published: June 20th 2012

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
The Blurb

For Alexis and Alex life has been great. They have loving parents, great friends and live a life every teenager dreams. However, they are adopted and Alexis struggles with wanting to know who their real parents are and not wanting to hurt her adopted parents. Then, a stunning guy moves across the street from them. One who has a secret past and seems to know things about Alexis. One who does mysterious things and leads her to other mysterious persons. One who pushes her to discover her extraordinary birth family and the truth between mythology and religion.

My Review

Stories involving mythology are becoming some of my favourite reads, and Lunangelique was a great example of another enjoyable story!! Being an Australian, books that involve American Teenagers and High School are entertaining to me, so to combine both into one plot is definitely my kind of book and this one was just fabulous!!

The book is from Alexis’s (Lexie) POV, and it begins on a shopping trip in the summer holidays, with her twin brother Alex and his girlfriend Kaitlyn who is also Lexis’s best friend. Lexie has spent so much time trying to locate their birth parents without success and decides to unwind with her friends. They meet up with the rest of their friends at the mall and are quickly introduced to the new guy who has just moved to the area. Ollie is tall, blonde and good looking and Lexie gets along with him easily as she is the type of person who seems to get along with everyone.  

When they return home Lexie’s parents inform both kids that a new guy has moved in across the road that seems to live alone. While Lexie is in her room, a visitor arrives and when she comes down the stairs, she is unable to take her eyes off the tall, dark and handsome guy in the doorway. You can see the sparks flying immediately and Lexie is unable to speak for the first time in her life!!

I really like Lexie, she is very intelligent and excels in anything that she puts her mind to. She is a witty character who likes to keep things light and entertaining when with her friends and family. As soon as Cole comes into her life, she seems to lose all coherent thought and acts like a love crazed teenager. It is fun to watch her stumble through the early stages and see her sort through her thoughts and feelings!

Cole is amazing, he appears to be the perfect guy, one who has restraint. There is a scene early on where Cole is only in a towel, and he tells her that he would never take full advantage of her. Now if it was me, I’d be begging him to do it, because damn……… he is gorgeous!! The only thing is, Cole is keeping secrets about his past and is not willing to share them with Lexie.

Lexie then starts to take notice of things that are happening around her. Cole makes a few mistakes and she notices tension between Cole and Ollie, even though they deny knowing each other. Lexie is a smart girl and starts to put it all together and things all start falling into place. She discovers things about herself and her brother that will change their lives forever.

The mythology in the story builds slowly as the plot unravels and I really enjoyed the turn of events. Angels and the Fallen are always fun to read about and Kristin is able to put her own unique twist into Lunangelique to make it exceptional. However, I was left heartbroken at the end of the book and it was left wide open! I really need to get SLEEPING GODS, book 2 in the Lunangelique series to see what happens!!

About the Author - Kristin R. Campbell

I am currently an editor/publisher/trying to be a writer. My husband and I have two children, we both are prior military (how we met), and we've been married now for ten years after only knowing each other for 2.5 months! Against all odds!

I come from a military/divorced family and have lived in almost all corners and coasts of the United States; most of the time, all over Virginia. I went to fourteen schools growing up and four different colleges before finally graduating with a Bachelor in Criminal Justice. However, I have no interest in working in the field; I just like to study law.

I have travelled all over the beautiful blue-green waters of the Mediterranean. I've been to Crete, Sicily, and Spain, seen the beautiful Northern lights over Greenland and day tripped to Canada and Mexico. Sounds exciting but it was work. Literally.

Currently, I am working on the Lunangelique trilogy but take a break from it now and then to work on another mature, historical-fiction with religious undertones/fiction novel that will be titled Cain. I have so many more ideas for other books and I hope I will be able see them come to life one day.

I want to try and test my limits on writing, switching from first-person to third, researching for hours on end to get details right, and writing some novels just for fun, like Lunangelique has been. I love seeing the characters come to life. They literally tell me, "I don't want to be like that." And change the outcome of the story. It's fascinating. I didn't think writing would be like that. I have no control. The characters are the writers.

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  1. Great review! I totally agree. Lunangelique was one of my favorite reads of the year. Sleeping Gods is totally a MUST Read and I'm on the 3rd book now. It keeps getting better and better.

  2. Lexie sounds cool and again another wonderful cover

  3. Oooh... I am jealous you have read Sleeping Gods!! And you are on to Awakened Gods..... super jealous...

  4. Oh, she is!! I like the cover too, they are all unique!!


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