Review - A Kiss for Emily by J.P. Galuska

Title: A Kiss for Emily
Author: J.P. Galuska
Series: Emily Stokes #1
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Published: January 1st 2012

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Book Description

Emily didn't know that falling in love would place her smack-dab in the middle of a dicey game called deception. Or wake up one morning, shortly thereafter, wondering if she'd actually lost her mind!

A KISS FOR EMILY is a thrilling YA paranormal romance, where discovering the paranormal is exciting for the reader, but life-threatening for Emily Stokes, the 17-yr. old high school student from Kansas.

My Review

When I started reading this story, I thought it was going to be a YA Contemporary romance. It turned out to be way more than that. Instead it turned out to be a beautiful romance with a twist (that I don’t want to giveaway, as the author doesn’t in the beginning either) and shows that love can conquer all.

We begin the adventure with Emily in her home town where she has grown up. Her father comes home from work and informs the whole family that he has purchased a house in the country and that they will be moving. Emily has just begun junior year of high school and is appalled by her fathers decision and decides her best course of action is to be mad at her father and continue on as if it never happened. She does everything normally, goes to school, hangs out with friends and even plans for the prom by buying a dress. The only problem is that the boy she has liked, for what seems like forever, won’t ask her to the prom, no matter how much time they spend together.

After her heart is shattered, she decides to suck it up and prepare for the move as best she can. She tells her friends she is leaving and gets ready for the inevitable move with her Mother, Father and little sister Kitty over the summer holidays. The house they move to is in the middle of farming country and turns out to be a great place for the family and fulfils the whole family’s needs. Emily is still unhappy about the move but after some sulking in her room decides to explore the forest. Just when she thinks she is lost, she stumbles upon a boy…no…not a man… no let’s go with a guy, at a neighbouring farmhouse, who captures her attention immediately.

Emily is a typical teenager with normal teenager issues so the shift is a major issue for her, but she learns to deal with her insecurities. After she meets Sam you can see the massive shift in her emotions and it great to see her grow as a person. Sam just appears to be the perfect guy, who has been able to show Emily that there are more things to life. However, Sam has his own secrets and doesn’t know how to share them with Emily. And Alex, the boy from her home town keeps trying to contact Emily, but she continues to ignore him.

I think all the characters have crossed paths for a reason that wasn’t shown to us at the end of the book. It is a sweet story, for the most part, but there is a situation that Emily finds herself in which is difficult to get out of. The author has definitely stuck to the mysterious side and has only revealed certain secrets and kept me in the dark in regards to other issues. Other than that, I found A Kiss for Emily a delightful read and Emily’s story is nowhere near finished and I am intrigued to see how things will go now.

About the Author

In high school, I taped magazine clippings of a Lamborghini and a big diamond wedding ring on my bedroom wall. I planned to be wealthy, loved, and mingle with the affluent.

Years later, I drive a minivan, have two great kids, and clip coupons. OK, the ring is pretty nice.

Writing, then self-publishing a book has truly changed my life. It takes a lot of my time, and if I’m not careful, it could probably consume my entire life. It’s so easy to get swept up into the next sentence, the next scene, or the next chapter! And if it’s not manuscript I’m working on, then it’s promoting.

Here is something else that might surprise you: I’m a terrible speller and typist.  Well actually, from all the misspelled words in my posts, this may not come as a total shock. You see, dyslexia and reading disorders run in my family. I share this not to excuse myself, but to let people know that great things can still come from people with learning difficulties. Never give up!!!

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  1. Great review. Will have to check it out.

  2. Yes you should!! It was a fun book!!


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