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Head Over Heels: an opposites-attract, small town romance (Wilder Family Book 2)Head Over Heels: an opposites-attract, small town romance by Karla Sorensen
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Oh my heart!! It broke on so many different levels during this read. I simply adored both Ivy and Cameron. Ivy being raised by her father didn’t get to experience the emotional roller coaster that bigger families do, but I loved how patient Cameron was with her as she came to terms with feelings that she never experienced before. Cameron was such a kind-hearted guy, willing to do anything to keep those he loved happy. He was a peace maker, and with Ivy he didn’t push her out of her comfort zone. He knew she was different to any woman that he met before and waited for her to make up her own mind about what she wanted.

I enjoyed the growth in both these characters, how each encounter bought them closer together. Ivy kept to herself most of the time but each time a Wilder family member intruded into her space; you could see that they were getting through the cracks in her perfectly built walls. The Wilder family were amazing, and I enjoyed getting to know each of them further.

Cameron’s father Tim and stepmother Shiela are fantastic role models to all their children. You could feel the love that they had for them and the partners that their children chose. I honestly sobbed through the last part of the book as I had come to love all these characters and was so sad that they had to experience such loss. My heart cracked, but I could still feel the love that Ivy and Cameron had for one another. I am looking forward to more stories from this world; I cannot wait to see more of Ian, Parker and Poppy and how they get their happily ever afters!

Title: Head Over Heels
Author: Karla Sorensen
Series: Wilder Family #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: January 24, 2024

There’s only one course of action when your dad wants you to marry a clammy-handed wimp to make one of his board members happy—you get yourself stuck in an elevator with a hot stranger and have the steamiest make-out session of your life.

Years of etiquette lessons went out the window thanks to Cameron Wilder, who managed to unleash my hidden bad girl with naught but his talented mouth and deliciously rough hands.

Afterwards, he went back to his small-town life, and I marched home to inform my dad there would be no business-centric nuptials. As punishment, he shipped me off to Sisters, Oregon and demanded I turn a healthy profit on a not-so-healthy property.

You see where I’m going with this—the buttoned-up city girl stuck in a small town hires a local builder to help her … and he’s the hot stranger from the elevator. Turns out, I have a weakness for the broad-shouldered nice guy who’s not so nice behind closed doors. Keeping things professional gets harder the longer I’m in town, until the only lesson I have left to learn is how to keep both our hearts from getting broken.

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