Audiobook Review ~ The Forgetting by Hannah Beckerman

The ForgettingThe Forgetting by Hannah Beckerman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is not the type of read I generally pick up, but I thought it would be a good audible read. I certainly wasn’t disappointed and was quickly swept away with the storyline. It was interesting getting both Livvy and Anna’s stories, and how you can quickly jump to conclusions until you get the full picture.

I felt sorry for Anna, and how lost she was, not being able to trust her husband, and being so alone. Livvys story was interesting, as we watched her double guess her thoughts as she was told certain things and she didn’t know who to trust. She was close to her family, however there was tension between her husband and sister. They both loved her fiercely, but there was a wedge growing bigger between her and her sister. She continued to give into Dominic as she put his feelings first, instead of her own. I didn’t like "Dominic" or "Steven" and the way that they treated Livvy and Anna.

Title: The Forgetting
Author: Hannah Beckerman
Genre: Mystery Thriller
Published: April 1, 2023

From the bestselling author of If Only I Could Tell You comes the story of two women feeling trapped and powerless. Can they find their way back to life?

When Anna Bradshaw wakes up in a hospital bed in London, she remembers nothing, not even her loving husband, Stephen. The doctors say her amnesia is to be expected, but Anna feels cut adrift from her entire life.

In Bristol, Livvy Nicholson is newly married to Dominic and eager to get back to work after six months’ maternity leave. But when Dominic’s estranged mother appears, making a series of unnerving claims, Livvy is sucked into a version of herself she doesn’t recognise.

A hundred miles apart, both women feel trapped and disorientated, and their stories are about to collide. Can they uncover the secret that connects them and reconstruct their fractured lives?

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