Review ~ Forever After All by Catharina Maura

Forever After AllForever After All by Catharina Maura
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3.5 Stars

Catharina Maura was a new to me author and I was excited to get into this read. It started well, but then there was a sad moment as Elena reached out to her family only to be rejected easily. Things went in a new direction and I had hope for Elena and also for Alec. However, there was constant drama between them and the horrible family that rejected Elena. Some moments I found really unbelievable, especially the way they spoke to her. The push-and-pull between Elena and Alec seemed to be back on track when another moment had them doubting one another. The ending seemed really drawn out as well. Even though I had my issues, it was a good read, but it didn’t blow me away like I hoped.

Title: Forever After All
Author: Catharina Maura
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: February 17, 2021

From the author of The Tie That Binds comes another spellbinding marriage of convenience novel.


I’m ready to sacrifice my dignity if it will save my dying mother. Or so I convinced myself as I walked into a gentlemen’s club, ready to trade my body for my mother’s life.

I didn’t expect Alexander Kennedy to be there. I didn’t expect him to stop me. And I certainly didn’t expect him to propose a marriage of convenience.


Elena Rousseau, a heiress fallen from both riches and grace.

I know she’s not right for me – she’s far from the meek trophy wife I’m after. But if she’s going to sell herself to anyone, it’ll be me.

Author's Note: This book contains a possessive alphahole and a heroine that likes to test his limits.

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