Review ~ Thorne Princess by L.J. Shen

Thorne PrincessThorne Princess by L.J. Shen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thorne Princess started strong, where I met two characters who weren't as they appeared. Hallie was portrayed as an air head who couldn’t do anything right, but in reality she was a smart girl that had personal issues that held her back. Her family didn’t really show her the attention that she needed growing up, and she was forced to carve her own path that was far from ideal. When her family hire Ransom to put her on the straight and narrow, nothing prepared her for the change to her life.

I liked that Ransom pushed Hallie the way that he did. He forced her to look inside herself for things she was passionate about. They bickered constantly, and it was amusing to watch. They had strong chemistry between them and the more time they spent together I could see the growth in Hallie. I liked how strong and dominate Ransom was to begin with, but at a stage there, he softened so completely that I felt was out of character for him. The suspense element was good and the ending gave me good closure between Hallie and Randsom.

I generally enjoy books by L.J. Shen. She creates worlds that you can get lost in and characters that show a lot of growth and chemistry. Thorne Princess was a good read, but I've read some books of hers that were unforgettable. This one was a little below par for me, but I will certainly pick up more books of hers in the future!

Title: L.J. Shen
Author: Thorne Princess
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: January 12, 2023

An addictive standalone about a Hollywood princess who is desperate to self-destruct…and the grumpy bodyguard who saves her.

I landed in hot water with the tabloids one too many times.
What can I say? My nipple wanted to come out and say hi to the paparazzi.
After that, my father presented me with an ultimatum—either he cuts off the gravy train and stops paying for my lavish lifestyle or I agree to have a live-in bodyguard.
And by bodyguard, I mean a sexy, formidable, out-of-this-world babysitter who just happens to be good at breaking spines.
Ransom Lockwood, ladies and gentlemen.
Now he is forcing me to try all kinds of weird stuff. Stop partying, clean up my act, get a job…
A part of me wants to tell him to get lost. I’m past saving.
But the other part? The other part wants to save him.

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