Review ~ Meet Me Halfway by Lilian T. James

Meet Me Halfway (Meet Me Halfway Series)Meet Me Halfway by Lilian T. James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I haven't read anything by Lilian T. James and I was pleasanlty surprised as to how much I enjoyed Meet Me Halfway. I liked how Madison was standing on her own two feet; she was severly over worked and studied every chance she got to build a better life for herself and her son. She got off on the wrong foot with Garrett, but I could see that his opinion was changing throughout the read.

The chemistry between them grew slowly, and Madison had a hard time letting a man back into her life, but Garett was a patient man and was willing to wait. I could see his love grow, even after knowing Maddie's darkest secrets. I did feel that some threads weren't closed properly, and the ending seemed a little rushed, but overall not a bad read.

Title: Meet Me Halfway
Author: Lilian T. James
Series: Meet Me Halfway Series
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: March 29, 2022

Madison gave her heart to a boy at the age of sixteen, but all she got in return was a broken heart and a swollen belly.

Alone with a baby and desperate for the love she hadn’t found, she turned to a man who sealed his claim of devotion with a diamond ring.

He promised her a family. A life. A future. But his lies had only been a cover for the personal hell he introduced her to daily.

Now, at twenty-five, Madison has long since stopped believing in love. It’s simply not a square on her bingo card.

Balancing single parenthood, three jobs, and online courses, she doesn’t have the time anyway.

So when the broody neighbor living in the other side of her duplex leaves a rude note on her door, she’s not interested.

Not in his dark hair, not in his physique, and definitely not in the dimples she’s only seen a hint of. She’s one hundred percent, absolutely, not interested.

Not even a little.

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