Focused by Karla Sorensen ~ Review & Teaser (@ksorensenbooks)

I've been trying a lot of new authors lately, and when I stumbled across this one, I was eager to get into it. It was a shame that I didn't enjoy it as much as I hope though, finding that the book dragged a fair bit.
Title: Focused
Author: Karla Sorensen
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: January 7th 2020

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If you've ever seen your teenage crush ten years later, and he turns out to be a complete jerk, then you know how Molly Ward feels.

The last time she saw Noah Griffin was the regrettable day that she decided to climb into his bedroom window and turn her unrequited crush into something more.

That day was bad enough, but things are about to get worse.

Noah has become one of the best football players in the country, and he’s just landed on Molly’s front step.

As a new addition to the Washington Wolves roster, Noah's presence is the key to Molly’s promotion in the front office.

The problem is, Noah wants nothing to do with Molly, and his surly attitude is making her job very difficult.

But he's got another thing coming if he thinks Molly will be intimidated by one grumpy football player, no matter how much he hates being around her.

Once these two go head to head, their mutual dislike explodes into undeniable chemistry. But with what they have at stake, they just might detonate everything else along with it.

I really tried to enjoy this one, but I honestly couldn't get into it. I felt that it was quite slow and I didn't feel that it was a real enemies-to-lovers read. Molly and Noah found themselves in a situation 10 years earlier, but nothing that I would call hate. It more or less shaped the directions of their lives. In the present they cross paths again, but don't really hate one another. They aren't friends though, as they don't really know one another, but over time I could see that friendship growing.

I felt that some of the book was forced as these two had jobs where they had to work together. Although I could see their friendship building, irrational decisions were quickly made despite them being adults. I did like the support both characters had from their families, even though Noah's relationships were a little strained. It was great to see him grow and allow someone into his life.

Honestly this was not a good read for me, there was so much inner dialogue as the characters focused on their thoughts and convincing themselves to make a step, so I spent a lot of the read skimming pages. I can see that the book could have the potential if things moved a little quicker.
This was a moment that helped Noah realise that he needed to step up.

"She stepped back because she cared more about you being focused going into this season. She stepped back because it hurt her too much to be around you. And you let her. I'm not saying that you care less about her, but holy hell, Noah, for such a smart man, you are a fucking idiot when it comes to what you feel."

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