Part-time Princess by Pamela DuMond ~ Audiobook Review & Teaser Tuesday (@Pamela_DuMond)

I was looking for something like and fun so I thought I'd pick up something new. It was a good read and I enjoyed my first Pamela DuMond read.
Title: Part-time Princess
Author: Pamela DuMond
Series: Ladies in Waiting #1
Genre: YA Contemporary
Published: July 28th 2014
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Two Princes are in love with her. Too bad she’s an imposter…

Lucy Trabbicio's a down-on-her-luck, young, cocktail waitress desperate to find a job to keep her uncle at Assisted Living. Lady Elizabeth Billingsley hires Lucy to impersonate her to keep the attention of Crown Prince Cristoph of Fredonia while she completes her pressing personal business in the States.

In the mother of all makeovers, Elizabeth's people transform Lucy into a reluctant 'Lady’ and she travels to Fredonia for ten days 'tops.' What could possibly go wrong?

Sexy, bad-boy Nick—Fredonia’s other Prince—that’s what goes wrong!

Nick has romantic history with Elizabeth and he wants to pick up the between-the-sheets action with her impersonator—Lucy. Even though Lucy’s wildly attracted to him, she has to resist—she can't lose this job! Dreamy Nick's courting Lucy hot and heavy when Prince Cristoph proposes marriage. What's an imposter girl to do?

Elizabeth insists that she'll make it back home in time for the wedding. Lucy accepts Cristoph's proposal and is on the fast track to becoming a Princess when another glitch arises—someone's trying to kill her! Besides Nick, the only folks helping Lucy are her wild, party hard, take-no-prisoners Ladies-in-Waiting.

A modern day, sexy tale with romance, twists and turns, LOL moments, a few tears and a Happily-Ever-After Ending (Just not the way you expected it!)

Pamela DuMond is a new to me author, and I grabbed Part-time Princess because I was looking for something fun and entertaining to listen to. It turned out to be a light and quirky read, where Lucy Trabbicio takes on a part time job impersonating Lady Elizabeth Billingsley, and travels back to her home country of Fredonia and is set to marry a prince.

Lucy was quite entertaining as she stumbled her way through this job. She managed to talk her way out of almost any situation, and managed to catch the attention of more than one guy. Nick was confident and charming and took a keen interest in the new Elizabeth, liking how fun and sassy she was. Crown Prince Cristoph Timmel seemed interested in Elizabeth, but she was uncertain of his intentions.

There were a lot of other characters introduced that fleshed out the story; the Ladies in Waiting, Mr. Philip Philips and even the parental figures in the story. All the Ladies in Waiting were entertaining, trying to guide Lucy through this difficult part of the job, and they formed close relationships because of everything they faced.

The narration by Lesley Ann Fogle didn't win me over, it sounded a little tinny, like she were sitting in a bathroom or something. And some of the voices were a bit odd, maybe a bit too dramatic, but it was still bearable to listen to. There was a couple of suspense moments, that have you trying to figure out who the threat is, but overall it was a light fun read. Some of the story seems unbelievable, but for the sake of a peasant girl, falling for a prince it was really sweet. If you don't mind a read that is amusing but a little silly, you will enjoy this one!  
Here was a sweet moment between Lucy and one of the Princes...

“I fear you have a snowflake on your forehead that is threatening to melt.”
“Then you must do something about that immediately,” I said.
“Close your eyes.”
I did.
He kissed my forehead. He kissed both of my eyelids. He kissed my face. His hands moved down my neck, skimmed my breasts and landed at my waist. I shivered.

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