Elias by Sabrina Paige ~ Review & Quote-tastic

In June, Sabrina Paige had a 99c sale on all of her books, and my 1-click finger was twitchy, so I purchased all the books from two of her three series. Elias is the first book I have read and I will get to the rest soon! 
Title: Elias
Author: Sabrina Paige
Series: West Bend Saints #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: November 2nd 2014
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River Andrews

Call me Cinderella. I'm a rags to riches story - girl from trailer park becomes Hollywood starlet. And I'm about to get my happy ever after.

That is, until I walk in to my house, three hours before my wedding, to find my rock star fiance sticking his c**k down my sister's throat.

With cameras behind me, filming.

I'm running from the whole humiliating thing. I'm not prepared to run straight into him- Elias Saint.

He's completely wrong for me- damaged, dirty, and demanding.

But once he touches me, I can't walk away.

Elias Saint

Some people carry their wounds on the inside. Every f**cking step I take, I'm reminded of mine.

I lost my leg in Afghanistan. Since then, I've just been lost.

Now I'm going back to West Bend, Colorado, the place my brothers and I ran like hell to get away from.

And she's hitched a ride- River Andrews.

A f**cking movie star.

This isn't a fairytale. Happy endings don't exist. And I'm no f**ing Prince Charming.

But, for her, there's a chance I might be.

Sabrina Paige’s books were on sale recently, so for 99c each I decide to pick up a few and I began my Sabrina experience with Elias. I found this to be a good start to a fun, but intriguing series and I look forward to meeting each of the Saint Brother’s in the future.

To sum it up, River wants to escape from her very public life and the fact she just caught her fiancé with her sister, just hours before she was to marry him. I loved how she calmly took out her frustrations before fleeing! Elias has been medically discharged from the Navy. He was in Vegas, partying with friends when he crossed paths with River. He had no clue on who she was but they were both attracted to one another immediately. When Elias helps River out he has no idea how much she would turn his life upside down.

I really liked seeing these two get to know one another. They both know they are attracted to the other, and slowly let their walls down. The passion between them continued to sizzle throughout the story and their feelings grew. Elias got to know the girl behind the famous career and River could see past Elias’ injury to the kind man inside. Both of their pasts continue to haunt them, however, and misunderstandings tear them apart.

This series is not just about the relationship between Elias and River; I can see that there is something about this small town that is going to carry over into the next book. Silas, Elias’s brother has a feeling that their father’s death may not be as black and white as they all think. I am curious as to where this particular thread is taking us and would like to see more in the next book.

Like I said, this is the first book of Sabrina’s book that I have read and I was surprised how quickly she drew me into her world. The character’s weren’t perfect or proud of some issues in their pasts, but they pulled themselves together and made themselves better people. There were a few secondary characters that I would like to see more of, and I liked how the brother’s were able to rally together in a difficult time. This was a great start to the series and I will definitely be reading more! 

"You're mine whether you know it now or not," I said, interrupting her when she opened her mouth to protest. "Don't even say it. I know I don't own you and shit. I'm not a caveman. But nobody fucks with you. You're mine, and I'm not going to fucking apologize for it, so you can just deal."

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  1. Great review. Sounds like an interesting read, especially when there seems more to the story. Hope the second book doesn't disappoint.

    Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

  2. I hope so too! It will be interesting to see where things go.

  3. Definitely an unlikely pairing. I'm a fan, for sure!

  4. Nice find. I like books that draw you into the world quickly.

  5. Sounds cutesy, I tend to avoid books like this though. The whole fame element kinda turns me off, not sure why, but it still sounds intriguing! Glad you enjoyed it:D

  6. I appreciate the slowness in any romantic story. This one seems to have a lot of potential from that point of view. You do know how to choose them, Naomi :)

  7. Their relationship plus the other positives with the plot sounds good

  8. I love characters who pull themselves passed their tragedies and pasts. Glad you enjoyed this one; I've had my eye on it! Great review

  9. Intriguing Review Naomi. I love that each book in the series focuses on a different brother. I enjoy reading books where the character's get to know each other beyond what's on the surface. Sexy quote too! I love a possessive alpha male!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  10. LOL love how he just lays it all out there ;) And darn those 99cent sales. They are just impossible to resist!

  11. Bea @ Bea's Book NookJuly 3, 2015 at 1:10 AM

    Well, he puts it right out there plain as day. I like his attitude. :)

  12. It can't be for everyone, I don't mind the fame aspect though

  13. Haha! Thanks Ramona. I sure like heaps of different reads.

  14. It was a good read, I liked them together. Looking forward to where things head next for the brother.

  15. I am glad I grabbed it when it was cheap. Next time Magen *wink*

  16. Hehe! I loved that quote... alpha males are always fun to read about!

  17. He certainly did! And I buy so many books for just 99c!


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