All Broke Down by Cora Carmack ~ Review & Swoon Thursday

I just LOVE this series! Each of the characters are so different and I cannot get enough. Silas and Dylan are such opposites, but perfect for one another. He is upfront with what he wants, like in the swoon today!
Title: All Broke Down
Author: Cora Carmack
Series: Rusk University #2
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Published: October 28th 2014

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In this second book in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cora Carmack s New Adult, Texas-set Rusk University series, which began with All Lined Up, a young woman discovers that you can't only fight for what you believe in... sometimes you have to fight for what you love.

Dylan fights for lost causes. Probably because she used to be one.

Environmental issues, civil rights, corrupt corporations, and politicians you name it, she's probably been involved in a protest. When her latest cause lands her in jail overnight, she meets Silas Moore. He's in for a different kind of fighting. And though he's arrogant and infuriating, she can't help being fascinated with him. Yet another lost cause.

Football and trouble are the only things that have ever come naturally to Silas. And it's trouble that lands him in a cell next to do-gooder Dylan. He's met girls like her before fixers, he calls them, desperate to heal the damage and make him into their ideal boyfriend. But he doesn't think he's broken, and he definitely doesn't need a girlfriend trying to change him. Until, that is, his anger issues and rash decisions threaten the only thing he really cares about: his spot on the Rusk University football team. Dylan might just be the perfect girl to help.

Because Silas Moore needs some fixing after all.

I loved the first book in the Rusk University series, and I have finally found time to read the second book. I just love this world Cora Carmack has created; the characters are amusing, they are passionate about their friends and teammates, and have sizzling chemistry. I love the football aspect too, and how obsessive the guys are about it and the team. Silas, more than anyone, is determined to succeed, because of his past. Dylan is a new character; she’s a fierce and head strong girl who was always going to turn Silas’s world upside-down!

The way Silas and Dylan meet is pretty entertaining! They didn’t exactly hit it off, but after an interesting conversation, and a little help, they head back to the party at Silas’s house. I could see the sexual tension between them building and it was hard for either of them to deny their attraction. But of course, things spiral out of control and Silas finds himself struggling to pull himself up.

I just loved Silas; he comes across all tough, but he’s a kind, caring person who struggles with the demons in his past. He’s trying to fit in and be a better person, but when his self esteem is shattered, he gets angry and fights with those who hurt him. Dylan had a rough start to life too, but she was lucky and had a great family to support her. I could see that she was a bit lost, and trying to find her way. Silas brings her out of her comfort zone, she lets go and experiences some things she usually wouldn’t.

Dylan and Silas have great chemistry, and even though they are working on Silas’s issues to begin with, I could see their connection was getting stronger. The rules they made, the slight touches and the sneaky kisses added to the tension between these two. I love how Carson and Dallas made small appearances and Stella was still there to dish out advice! All Broke Down had a deeper story line too, touching on issues that people over look and encouraging people to speak up. It was a fantastic read that touched my heart. I am keen to read more in the series and learn more about the characters I love! 

I bury my hands in her hair and drag her lips up to mine, grinding my hips into hers. “I like the way you blush when I talk about what I want to do to you. I like when you pull on my hair, too. I like when you dig your nails into my skin without even realizing you’re doing it. I like having your legs wrapped around me.”

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HeadshotCora Carmack is a twenty-something New York Times bestselling author who likes to write about twenty-something characters. She's done a multitude of things in her life-- boring jobs (like working retail), Fun jobs (like working in a theatre), stressful jobs (like teaching), and dream jobs (like writing). She now splits her time between Austin, TX and New York City and spends her days writing, traveling, and spending way too much time on the internet. In her books, you can expect to find humor, heart, and a whole lot of awkward. Because let’s face it . . . awkward people need love, too.

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  1. Sigh. All Lined Up and I didn't really connect, so I wasn't all that interested in continuing with the series. I'm glad you're having a great time, though!

  2. I love these sporty/romance reads, so yeah, I have really enjoyed this series!

  3. Yeah, I thought you'd love this one. I didn't like Silas so much in book 1, but in this installment, I found him much more appealing. Can't wait to read the next book.

  4. Ah! I have not read this series! I like sports romances though :D Cora Carmack's books lost their luster for me, but I might look into this series! I love the swoon you chose - hot! Great review and swoon choice, Naomi :)

    Have a fantastic day!

    Check out my swoon post!

  5. I love the Rusk University books so much, too. This is probably my least favorite, but I still love it. My favorite in All Played Out. I can't wait to hear what you think of that one.

  6. Great way of describing Silas. He is a good guy putting on tough guy to deal with his demon. Nice review. I loved this book, this series.

  7. I liked book one, but I am glad this has a deeper storyline Naomi. Silas sounds complex and you have me curious about his demons.

  8. Angela ReadingCaveJune 19, 2015 at 2:01 AM

    Oh my does he know what he likes or what! Great swoon, nice review!

    My Swoon

  9. OKAY. OKAYYYY. I'll do it. I'll pick this series up. I'm not sure if it was you that reviewed another one of the books in this series or another blogger but in any case it was a gushing review I read about it soooo. I'm adding it to Goldreads so I can see what all the fuss is about.

  10. Love the sound of the characters! I haven't read any Carmack but def need to make some time for it

  11. Yep, this series should be consumed during this summer as well. It sounds really cute! And my summer list is 10 miles long, lol :) Love the review, Naomi <3

  12. Naomi! I love this series too! The football aspect, the close-knit group of friends, chemistry between main characters, and deeper message about speaking out are all aspects I over too! As much as I loved All Broke Down, I fell in love with All Played Out! I want you to read it so badly!!! Great Review Friend!!!!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  13. Another new to me series. Can these stand alone or should I get read the first book?

  14. I thought he was a bit cheeky in the first, but loved him in this one! The next book was great, keen for the one after!

  15. I hope you do give this series a try, it was a lot of fun!

  16. I read it already, and I loved it! Definitely my fav of the series too!

  17. He was really a great guy! This series is so much fun!

  18. I loved getting to know him, he really was hiding behind his bad boy persona!

  19. I have read all the books released and loved each and every one! I hope you try it and enjoy it just like me.

  20. Yes, Brandi! Make time! I am sure you will like her books!

  21. Haha! I think all our reading lists are pretty long.

  22. Thanks Lanie! This was a fun series.

  23. Definitely can be read as standalones, you can see other couples together, and may wonder how that relationship came about. That's it.

  24. I read All Played Out a while back, it was a fantastic read! Nell and Dallas were so cute!

  25. Tell me about it. I have so many books on my Kindle app too. I hope you try this series though, it was a lot of fun!


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