Review ~ No Regrets by Jani Kay Firebird Trilogy #2

Title: No Regrets
Author: Jani Kay
Series: Firebird Trilogy #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: October 27th 2014

Rebecca's journey continues as she leaves Paris and goes to Munich, Germany. Giving up on love, she just wants to work on her career and enjoy her time in Europe with her sister Lily who comes to visit from Australia. Things go horribly wrong . . .
Could Rebecca have prevented what happens to Lily? Is she to blame?

Maxwell Grant has had enough of cat and mouse games. He wants Rebecca more than ever and goes all out to capture the woman who keeps running from him. Cocky, arrogant and sexy as hell, the CEO of Grant Industries has secrets . . . if he wants Rebecca he will have to tell the world what he's been hiding.

Possessive and sexy as sin Frenchman, Alain, quickly discovers what a fool he's been to let Rebecca go. He's willing to give his heritage up for Rebecca. Will she take him back?

Two men want her. Rebecca must make choices that will change the course of not only her life, but everyone else's too. What will she do? Will she follow her heart to find the man who is just right for her?

Above everything, Rebecca wants . . . No Regrets.
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No Regrets continues just after Lost in France with Rebecca moving onto Germany to continue her job. She makes a new friend in Kurt, bartender/doctor and they build a great friendship that helps Rebecca through her tough time. Her sister Lucy comes to visit, and it too, lifts Rebecca’s spirit. But when a tragedy occurs, Rebecca becomes withdrawn and Kurt calls Maxwell to help her through this difficult time.

Just like the first book, I really enjoyed most of the book… but there were a few things introduced in this book that weren’t in the first one and it kind of confused me. I didn’t realise that Rebecca was Jade’s cousin (from the Scorpio Stinger MC series, because that wasn’t mentioned before), Maxwell is Ryder’s brother (also from Scorpio Stinger MC series) and the twist with Alain’s father didn’t make sense to me.

I did enjoy the passion between Maxwell and Rebecca though, because I really grew to like him by the end of the first book. Meeting both of Rebecca’s sisters gave greater depth to the story, although they kind of annoyed me at times. The storyline had some intense twists that had me on edge, wanting to know if everything would turn out ok.

Overall, I have liked this series so far. The characters have developed well and I have enjoyed the direction of the story. If a few details were ironed out, I think it really could be an addictive series. I hope things work out for all the characters in the end and I will read on to see if that does happen!

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  1. Oh I hate when that happens! Insertion of background and elements that weren't in the first book sound like an afterthought. It's definitely confusing! I hope the series will get better for you!

  2. Not one for me, but I'm glad you enjoyed it ;)

  3. Sad the book didn't work for you.. hopefully it gets better in the series!

    Benish | Feminist Reflections

  4. Hmm, seems like some things were done well but the things that weren't really took away from your enjoyment overall. It is disappointing that you were left confused by things inserted here that weren't introduced editor should catch things like that. I hope that, if you continue the series, the next one wow's you!

  5. I have to agree. I thought this one felt a little rushed as times too. Not as good as the first book. I think.

  6. I hope it does too... if those few things were ironed out, it would be great.

  7. Especially if the editor reads the whole series. I just found it a little confusing, but I enjoy the series overall!!

  8. Yes, it was a little rushed. I liked the first book more too.


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